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  1. j_zippel

    -SOLD- Package for sale (mezz zz-33/JB rugged etc)

    Hi folks. This packaged sold pretty quick. My apologies not replying to Pm's sooner, had a busy day and no cell service this afternoon. Cheers
  2. j_zippel

    -SOLD- Package for sale (mezz zz-33/JB rugged etc)

    Update: If anyone is interested in just the Mezz and JB case packaged together I'll ship for $375. At the moment I'm not interested shipping the case on its own due to shipping costs going south across the border.
  3. j_zippel

    -SOLD- Package for sale (mezz zz-33/JB rugged etc)

    I'll post pictures tomorrow night or you can PM me your email for photos I have a JB 3x5 ultimate rugged case in good condition w/blue interior, a mess zz-33 cue with a zan tip, homemade jump cue and a snooker cue which was used for a half dozen games. Take everything for $500 shipped or I'll...
  4. j_zippel

    AZ Billiards scam

    Slim Lippy, more like slim shady
  5. j_zippel

    Fargo Rating - League Player

    Do you play 9' tables?
  6. j_zippel

    Anyone notice all the trouble they are having racking?

    you got it right Johnny
  7. j_zippel

    Does anyone remember the prices of Mezz cues when the 1st came out?

    ^^^^^^^^^^^ it's never gonna end, is it. Justin is the Miles Davis of Rhetorical questioning.
  8. j_zippel

    Mezz butts and mezz joints

    I would go with Mezz over Schon. Schon makes a great cue for the money but Mezz is on a different level IMO
  9. j_zippel

    7 foot Diamond Table

    Sorry I wasn't trying to sound rude Gideon, I think I may have come across that way. He sells new tables but I figured he may have a contact for used tables. Good luck to you, I sold my table and am downsizing to a barbox, I'll be on the prowl for one this summer. Maybe Don at first...
  10. j_zippel

    7 foot Diamond Table

    Again.. Call heath at ManningCues. He's a dealer and located by London Ontario.
  11. j_zippel

    JB Cases

    Meant to quote Cardiac, not you
  12. j_zippel

    JB Cases

    Also.. Like the case by the way Lynn, the red was a great choice
  13. j_zippel

    JB Cases

    Are you related to Shawn Michaels? Aka. The heartbreak kid
  14. j_zippel

    JB Cases

    Same here, I picked up a 3x5 and it was the most most justified pool expense I've made. High protection and quality at a reasonable price. I'd say my next case would be another but I doubt I'll need to replace it anytime soon
  15. j_zippel

    Hohmann loses to Ko because of the Cyclop balls

    Nothing wrong with the cyclops balls, the issues were ironed out a while ago.
  16. j_zippel

    Funny Samsara story

    Hearing a story like this makes me want to buy a samsara. My only question is.. What would Meucci do in the situation? Probably the polar opposite
  17. j_zippel

    Which cue would you buy?

    Inconsiderate is a bit much but I agree that a website should be user friendly and professional. Did you sell the Joss cue?
  18. j_zippel

    Did Alex quit (again)?

    Oh, no you didn't... Haha
  19. j_zippel

    Did Alex quit (again)?

    Haha.. You too. But I think it goes.. If ya ain't first your last -Ricky Bobby