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    Training Videos - Grady Mathews

    This was a great buy! He has great tutorial videos!!!
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    How can I add pictures

    Thank you so much David!
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    How can I add pictures

    Can someone please help?
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    9’ Gandy Super G

    Gandy 9’ Super G Pool Table with 860 Simonis cloth. Table was refelted less than 2 months ago. I’m down sizing to a 7’ because no one wants to play one pocket. Just installed new pockets with the new Simonis cloth. Table is from 1984, you don’t see them like this anymore! Comes with balls...
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    Whitten 2x4 exotic skins cue case

    This case is sold! This case is sold!
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    Whitten 2x4 exotic skins cue case

    Whitten 2x4 exotic skin cue case Here’s a beautiful Whitten made from ostrich in great condition. Very light weight case! This case comes with two shoulder straps. One of the straps is made to hold a handle for a jump cue. The other strap has padding in it for a comfortable carrying. The case...
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    Ball Cleaner

    Are you still looking for a used ball cleaner?
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    Absolutely beautiful JC cue for $950

    All I can say is WOW!!! Very beautiful cue!!! I see why it sold so quick.
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    Table Value

    Thank you for the response. They're very unique and didn't know a value? Do you have an ideal of the value?
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    Table Value

    Irving Kaye Lion Head Pool Table. Does anybody have a value on a 4x8 or opinion on the pool table with the lion heads on each corner?
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    Extremely Rare Paul Motttey Sneaky Pete

    Paul Mottey Would you be interested in some kind of a trade? What's your best cash price? I can be reached at (318) 332-6408.
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    Schrager FS

    Case not for sale Do you know anything about the case? I have one exactly like it with brown interior and I have no clue of the details or value. If needed I can be reached at 318 332 6408.
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    Selling BK Rush with wrap

    BK Rush Would you have an interest in a Ostrich skin Whitten Case? 2 x 4 in great condition! 318 332-6408 is the best way to reach me because I don't visit this site very often.
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    Original TARGET POOL by/Kim Davenport - SOLD

    Do you have a contact number or feel free to contact me 318 332-6408.
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    Ivory Joint Paul Mottey hoppe ring cue

    Is this cue still available?
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    Exotic Ostrich Whitten 2 x 4

    Whitten Case Yes, it's still available. I can be reached 318 332 6408.
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    Exotic Ostrich Whitten 2 x 4

    Whitten Case Brown Ostrich 2 x 4 in great condition. It has two carry straps. One with nice comfy cushion and the other carry strap with jump handle pocket custom made by Joe Whitten. The case has the large pocket that zips all the way around with a smaller pocket at the top that also zips all...
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    Pat diviney

    Could somebody tell me if this cue has sold or not? Also what's the price?
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    Woodworth Cue with two shafts "Excellent Condition" Matching joint protectors

    Looking to sale or trade. I also have a Brown Ostrich Whitten case 2x4 in great condition that I would like to sale or trade of equal value.
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    Whitten Case Ostrich 2 x 4

    Whitten Case Still available...