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  1. wreiman

    Hurlbert VINTAGE Irish linen spools black/white and white black .Can’t find this any more.

    I dont really have good baseline for these anymore. Atlas has a few I guess 110.00 shipped
  2. wreiman

    Hurlbert VINTAGE Irish linen spools black/white and white black .Can’t find this any more.

    Can’t find this stuff any more. I got this back in the early 90’s put it away for a time and forgot where I put it with a few moves. In any event, I nolonger make cues and have no use for it. But I know people still want the old linen if you can find it. Hurlberts was as good as it gets.
  3. wreiman

    I never use the diamonds. How many of you do?

    Sometimes… but not often
  4. wreiman

    No lathe tip job.

    Oh that just made my day…lol
  5. wreiman

    Thom Pyro chalk

    Its recently become my go to chalk. No fuss no mess lasts for a good game.
  6. wreiman

    Does it stop being fun?

    Its always better if you have room for a table in the house. Mine gets a lot of use.
  7. wreiman

    how to deal with vastly different tables/felt/rails

    I normally carry 2 shafts with different tips for slow and fast conditions. Other than that, just try to adapt
  8. wreiman


    Never had any luck with them
  9. wreiman

    AZ use to be mostly Pool n Cue Sports

    I think someone is bored
  10. wreiman

    Cuetec Avid - Anyone have any experience with these yet?

    I’m a bit late to the party on this one, but I only got the shaft this past month. I could definitely take this our in league play and make some noise. I did retail it with a pressed Elkmaster (Not a milkdud). The straight taper play well for me vs their long 15” taper on the SST shaft. Overall...
  11. wreiman

    Cuetec Cues - Avid series - Any Thoughts

    This is not a bad shaft at all. I like the straight (Conical) taper on it, it has a very tight hit. I replace the Everest width a pressed Elkmaster (not a milkdud) , and the ball control is good for me and my game (About a med KAmui Clear).
  12. wreiman

    1st layered tip Aculeus

    I‘ll find out soon, ordered a scorpion cue with it on.
  13. wreiman

    Rings and more Rings

    Sold... thanks
  14. wreiman

    Rings and more Rings

    Variety of Rings .... what you see is what you get, most never opened. 65.00 shipped COUS, Paypal gift
  15. wreiman

    Direct Drive unit and Bosch Router

    Lightly used Bosch router and direct drive unit (fits Taig , cueman, Mid Amercia) . Run this with an offset tail stock and you have a tapering lathe. 180.00 shipped COUS Paypal ( buyer pays fee)
  16. wreiman

    Playing Cue

    So true, what I am missing is my eyesite. Every so often I see everything clearly. but a barcue butt with a good maple shaft (conversion cue) normally workes as well as anything.
  17. wreiman

    I confirmed it yesterday

    I used to be plagued by that a lot.... gotten better as I have gotten wiser and less cockey on the table.
  18. wreiman

    bad experience w/ UPS

    I never lost anything with UPS, but I surely had things take a log time to get there and had shafts warp from being in the hot warehouses to long.