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  1. cuetify


    Hello! I'm looking for a Richard Black shaft 5/16×18 thread, 12.5 mm or greater with ring work. If anyone has one available, please let meknow. Thanks
  2. cuetify

    Want to Buy- Schon CX02 butt

    I have a cx-05 if interested let me know. Thanks
  3. cuetify

    LTB Mezz TA-3

    Yep, it's really hard if you could find one. What would be your offer?
  4. cuetify

    Wtb Meucci everyday player originals.

    I got one as shown in pics, if interested let me know. Thanks
  5. cuetify

    CEM Custom Merry Widow Goncalo Alves FS/FT

    Hi, how much is the price for the cue?
  6. cuetify

    WTV Mezz TA-3

    Hi, what's your best offer? Thanks
  7. cuetify

    WTB: Scruggs shaft

    Hi, do you have any RB shaft for sale with 5/16x18?
  8. cuetify

    Sold Richard Harris Bluegrass

    That is Interesting.
  9. cuetify

    Looking for used predator shaft 5/16x14 piloted silver ring

    Hi, I have got one. I need your contact info for pics.
  10. cuetify

    WTB - 5/16 x 14 Shafts

    I have a custom carbon fiber if interested
  11. cuetify

    5/16 14 shaft with conical taper 11.75-12.4

    Hi, I have an IQ shaft if you are interested.
  12. cuetify

    Sold F/S High End Hanbat Snakewood Rainbow 🌈 Cue 24K Gold

    Hi, what is the length of it? Thanks
  13. cuetify

    Looking for a Mezz Exceed Merry Widow

    Hi, I have a wavy 1 Exceed, if interested leave me the contact info. Thanks
  14. cuetify

    Any 59" or 60" Judd Fullers out there?

    Hi! I got one in my collection. Please leave me your contact info, thanks
  15. cuetify

    Kielwood shaft

    I have a TransK by Patrick Diviney.
  16. cuetify

    Wtb cue

    I have a Samsara cue with one shaft if interested.
  17. cuetify

    Wanted: Schuler Shaft(s)

    I have I have a Carom SLC Ray Schuler shaft.