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  1. dwalding

    Western BCA 9 Ball Championships

    Ra Hanna with On the Wire Creative Media providing the Livestream.
  2. dwalding

    My Slip Stroke and other thoughts

    The Original post is right on about what a slip stroke is. I developed mine from playing 15 hours on end day after day for a few years and it is impossible to hold the stick tightly for that long. Your grip begins to relax and the cue slips naturally and becomes the norm of how you play.
  3. dwalding

    Oct 21st, 2017 - Mike Deitchman vs Bob Zack

    Who else from AZ plans to watch this matchip?
  4. dwalding

    Oct 21st, 2017 - Mike Deitchman vs Bob Zack

    Re: FARGUMENT between Mike D and Bob Zack This will be n excellent match. Be sure to tune in.
  5. dwalding

    Pool library 7 books

    Your missing a really good one in your list. One Pocket - A Game Of Controlled Aggression
  6. dwalding

    Can someone explain shot to me?

    Can someone explain shot to me? He simply played the ball he struck first into the corner, and added extreme topspin to button hook and slice the eight in the same corner. The extreme top was simply to warp the angle and avoid the scratch. He was playing the eight, just not with a "High Top...
  7. dwalding

    Winning One Pocket

    I have them both for sale, and the 3rd one too. The Winning One Pocket is signed by all the contributing authors, all of whom are deceased, sadly so. Jack "Jersey Red" Breit, Ed "Champagne Eddie" Kelly, Grady "The Professor" Mathews, Leonard "Chicago Bugs" Rucker, Bill "Weenie Beenie" Staton...
  8. dwalding

    portland one pocket

    I will also play you some one pocket, gambling or otherwise. I can also arrange action as needed.
  9. dwalding

    portland one pocket

    .Yes, it still is. It is on 122nd and Powell blvd.
  10. dwalding

    Choking - Why we do this

    My explanation of why you scratched I think it is easy to to forget the path of the cueball, when you are on the game winning 8Ball, 9Ball, or 10Ball, because you don't have a final position you are needing the cueball to come to rest. The solution is easy, play the shot with the intent to...
  11. dwalding

    July 19th-21st - Francisco Bustamante vs Tony Chohan • One-Pocket! *PPV*

    What main page are you going to find this?
  12. dwalding

    July 19th-21st - Francisco Bustamante vs Tony Chohan • One-Pocket! *PPV*

    Updates please Where are they now?
  13. dwalding

    Francisco Bustamante vs. Tony Chohan: PPV on POVPOOL

    I love the updates, keep em coming Much appreciated.
  14. dwalding

    FS-->Winning One Pocket and Shot's Moves and Strategies

    Winning One Pocket - $750 plus shipping Excellent condition copy of this rare collectible book. Signed by Grady Matthews, Jack Breit, Eddie Taylor, Leonard "Bugs" Rucker, Eddie Kelly. and Bill "Weenie Beanie" Staton Shots, Moves, and Strategies - $400 plus shipping This hard to find book is a...
  15. dwalding

    OTRTV Making a DVD with Rodney "The Rocket" Morris - Give Your 2 Cents & Win a Copy!

    I would like to hear him discuss his rhthym and tempo in detail. Be sure he goes into why he seems to shoot more quickly than other players, how it helps him, and how it hurts him. His thoughts on slow play and does it ever affect his tempo? Does he think the other robotic fundamental players...
  16. dwalding

    Casting stream via chromecast

    Open the Chromecast app, then click on Settings, and try clicking Cast Screen/Audio. Open Chrome browser, then click Play on the video. Only works on Samsung phones I think.
  17. dwalding

    More Unknown Photos

    The Last picture I am pretty sure that the 4th picture is John Galloway.
  18. dwalding

    Tom Wirth's One Pocket book ( very short review)

    This is hands down the best instructional book on One Pocket written. I happen to own about 100 books on pool and this one immediately became my favorite. I will say I was a little disappointed at first that Tom spilled the beans and made all my opponents who read his book harder to beat. Then...
  19. dwalding

    One pocket updates please

    Danny Smith wins 7-6 over Josh Roberts. Justin Hall vs Danny Smith about to start in a few minutes.
  20. dwalding

    FREE Streaming TV Matches

    Streaming matches,etc Myself and about 7 others around here watch as much as we can. Ppv, Free streams, YouTube etc. We dont pay for 9 ball or 10 ball. Just One pocket, and some 8 ball.