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  1. sjharr

    Consensus "Greatest of All Time" (GOAT) List

    What an interesting thread/idea Dr. Dave. Obviously this debate will rage on regardless of what results are posted here. You'd be hard pressed to to come any consensus based solely on opinion. To make beer, four basic ingredients are required. What are the required basic ingredients that make...
  2. sjharr

    Where is Tony Watson

    recently spotted... Recently spotted in Charlotte.
  3. sjharr

    Support the BEF and help spend Dr. Dave's, Bob's, and Jay's money

    Peel off a hundy Dr. Dave! ;-) Steve H.
  4. sjharr

    Billiard University (BU) playing-ability-exam scores and ratings

    BU Exam Results Dr. Dave. Saw your post and watched the videos of SVB doing the exams, it motivated me to give it a go. Table is a Gold crown, pockets are standard brunswicks, don't know the exact measurements. Bear in mind this is the very first try. Fundamental exam. F1:8 F2:6 F3:10 F4:6...
  5. sjharr

    Charlotte NC

    Slate is a very new spot. A friend of mine helped build the place. The location is very near uptown Charlotte in a neighborhood called South-end, plenty of great food, bars and entertainment nearby. It's located in an old Julian's sports bar that was renovated to be Slate, All-American pub and...
  6. sjharr

    Smoky Mountain Shootout Stream 2015?

    Anyone streaming the Smoky Mountain Shootout this year?
  7. sjharr

    2015 AZB Ghost Challenge - Official Thread

    Love this thread and concept! Finally got around to participating myself by making a vimeo account and uploading a video. Before this I have never recorded myself playing pool. I had no idea just how nervous pressing the record button on the camera was going to make me. I edited the video by...
  8. sjharr

    Only pool tournament players............

    Absolutely nothing belongs on the playing surface of the table but balls. Period. Template racks - as good as their intention is - stay on the playing surface and do cause misdirection of balls that can sometimes lead to altering the natural path of a rolling ball, which can potentially change...
  9. sjharr

    When Mike Davis got a job...

    Don't know what kind of work he is doing, but he worked his way through this one. The 1st Annual Charlotte 9 Ball Results: We had 26 players in the field today, not full but close. What was lacking in quantity was made up with quality! Player Auction was...
  10. sjharr

    Charlotte, NC tournaments

    I recommend the below. Steve H.
  11. sjharr

    Are Elite Athletes Born or Made

    Good segment on CBS Sunday Morning. Steve H
  12. sjharr

    Super Billiards Ban from Playing!

    It's unfortunate the way the staff handled this particular disqualification at the SBE. I would agree that a bit more research should be put into determining a players status for an amateur event. All it takes is a quick Google search, which apparently the SBE staff performed after the op had...
  13. sjharr

    Simonis 960

    I was going to post on this thread earlier but got busy with work. You are not in the minority in my opinion, I couldn't agree more with your particular point of view. I very much prefer a faster table myself. Small errors are accentuated which puts a premium on precise cue ball control. In...
  14. sjharr

    RIP Pete Horn

    Sorry to read he passed. My condolences to his family and friends. I did not know him personally, but I did see him play. I witnessed his level of a play at a regional great southern billiard tour type event in Charlotte - at Pro Billiards (anyone remember that place?) in the early 90's if...
  15. sjharr

    Any places to play pool for free in Charlotte?...

    Rack 'Em has free pool for league members sun- thurs with a 2 drink minimum or meal purchase. It's a really good deal. Smokin cue, which is very near UNCC, has good deals for active league members as well. Plus, they have a kick ass Wednesday tourney. Loads of talent usually there on weds...
  16. sjharr

    "Hustling": Is It Sleazy Or Clever (Or Both)?

    I would agree with you that there is nothing wrong with a competitive advantage, but using deception as a tool to gain that advantage for the sole purpose of taking advantage of another is unscrupulous. Steve H.
  17. sjharr

    "Hustling": Is It Sleazy Or Clever (Or Both)?

    Implying a direct correlation between actively participating in a ruse to take advantage of someone and an actor’s portrayal in a movie is quite a substantial leap of faith. Steve H.
  18. sjharr

    Best Players in Charlotte area?

    North Carolina has produced two of the best players of all time Wimpy and The Pearl! Steve H.
  19. sjharr

    Best Players in Charlotte area?

    The Smokin' Cue usually posts their Wednesday tourney results on their website and facebook page, including who was drawn for break-n-run attempts. As far as Mike being in town, haven't seen him yet personally, but last time I spoke with Dan Heidriech he did in fact...
  20. sjharr

    "Hustling": Is It Sleazy Or Clever (Or Both)?

    Get over what exactly? That it's my personal opinion that hustling - as I described earlier in this thread - is disgusting? The examples you provided are very presumptuous. Am I to assume that it is your opinion that all stock brokers, car salesmen, etc... steal their wages from others and do...