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  1. loggerhead12

    Anyone ever get the YIPS?

    On super-short super-soft finesse shots I'll often whiff a couple of times before making contact properly. When that happens I can come up woefully short or blow right through what I'm trying to do.
  2. loggerhead12

    2024 World Pool Championship

    Look at that sexy orange 5-ball . . .
  3. loggerhead12

    Do you wear competition pool outfits? Thoughts?

    I occasionally wear a pool jersey that says Omega Billiards because they're a great shop and I want everyone to shop there. Plus the other sponsorship on the shirt is for Acme from the Road Runner cartoons, which amuses me. Plus it was on the 50% clearance rack.
  4. loggerhead12

    2024 World Pool Championship

    Watching the replay on YouTube highlights. "I guess I just want him to shoot at his hole." Ok then.
  5. loggerhead12

    Poll for American Pool Fans. Are you watching Matchroom's WNT World Pool Championship live? If so, how?

    That's odd. I routinely sign up for DAZN and cancel immediately, and it's super-easy online. I cancel every time without chatting with anyone.
  6. loggerhead12

    2024 World Pool Championship

    Kaci just launched the cue ball off the table like it was a SpaceX rocket during a practice break. Makes me fell much better about when I do that.
  7. loggerhead12

    The best stroke/cue action you have seen

    Chris Melling's stroke is a thing of beauty.
  8. loggerhead12

    Matchroom 2024 World Pool Masters (25-28 April), Germany, Winner $40K

    Yeah, if he keeps that up I may start to dislike him less.
  9. loggerhead12

    Teaching Terminology JJ

  10. loggerhead12

    Matchroom 2024 World Pool Masters (25-28 April), Germany, Winner $40K

    Huang was up 4-0 and 8-5 and Shane still did Shane things.
  11. loggerhead12

    Deliberate foul query - 8-ball (and brief tournament experience)

    I really liked it. Not for all tournaments, but it certainly is entertaining enough to have its own place. It was really interesting seeing (nearly) top players performing under a very different kind of pressure. Gomez's 33-second 7-ball runout late against Tyler Styer to win that match was...
  12. loggerhead12

    What kind of table is this?

    The rubber has been replaced. These are all pinball machines.
  13. loggerhead12

    What kind of table is this?

    Yeah, I believe you are right. 1978 model:
  14. loggerhead12

    What kind of table is this?

    Brunswick, GC-looking corner hardware, but non-adjustable legs.
  15. loggerhead12

    Items taken to the pool hall getting weird.

    If you don't like your expensive cue hitting the floor you need your own Q Claw on league nights.
  16. loggerhead12

    Scott Frost challenges the world

    Nah, hustlers only play to win. Gamblers will gamble on anything, even things they won't control. Gamblers will gamble on cockroach races. Odds are there to even out a match. If the odds are even, then you're gambling.
  17. loggerhead12

    Welcome to Gestapo Billiards. Have a good time.

    LOL at the LOL.
  18. loggerhead12

    Do You Find Pros Playing 8-ball Boring?

    8-ball is way more fun to watch pros play. As soon as the break happens I try to visualize what the player is going to do. I might get 2-3 balls right, but they always come up with some amazing, clever, creative shot through gaps in the traffic that I did not see. Rotation is only...
  19. loggerhead12

    APA rule check and a warning

    Only a douchebag opponent would be on his phone during a match.