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    Louisiana players

    I'm from Lafayette. Play at rickochets, white diamonds,sticks, and emeralds.
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    wanna know how to out a sandbagger ?

    For anyone that's played in Vegas you have to have at least one player that is under ranked. With that being said in June of this year I was a "3" went up to a "5" at our state tourney and moved up to a "6" in Vegas this year. 3 ranks in 2 months. Broke n ran 2 and racked and ran one playing a...
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    Anyone play with a mezz cue? Wtb one.

    Looking at a new cue to buy. How do you like your mezz? Overall quality etc. Thanks Robbie.
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    APA National Vegas. Who's going?

    Anyone have a team going? Ill be there for 8 ball this year. Went for 9 ball last year. Should be a good time again. Plan on going sky diving! Be there the 17th-25th
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    Flying with pool cues

    I thought the tsa allowed pool cues as carry on items now? I know last year for Vegas we put all of our sticks in a big duffel bag.
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    Flying with pool cues

    Can you bring your case with the cues or have to check it in? Whose flew lately with their cues?
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    Apa Las Vegas.

    If you don't play under ranked its hard to win pretty much once u pass the 50% win line u have a chance of moving up. Just don't play 7 speed and be a 3 lol
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    Apa Las Vegas.

    Anyone else have a team make it?! We're going for 8 ball open. Throwing 65552
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    Your APA stats

    Here mine... 4 or 5 in 8 ball and crappy 7 in 9 ball. Vegas locked me lol
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    Anyone have a mezz cue forsale?

    Looking into purchasing a mezz cue anything out there? Thanks.
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    What's a good game spot sl6 and sl8?

    Took a 2 game spot and won 5/3. Was breaking them pretty well.
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    What's a good game spot sl6 and sl8?

    It's 9 ball.. 7 and the last three too much? Guy plays lights out. Bar box table if that matters
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    What's a good game spot sl6 and sl8?

    What should an apa 8 have to give an apa 6 to make the game fair? Race to 7.
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    The APA 9 ball team CHAMPIONS disqualified

    My team was there in 2012. Our players got moved up and we could only throw the 19 rule. We could of thrown 23 but one player couldn't make the trip. We lost 49/51 both times because of the forefit 20-0. Can't say we didnt try. Cheaters don't ever get anywhere in life and it will come back to...
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    How much per hour for table time

    Lafayette la... 4.00 an hour league players. 8.00 if not. Free pool on Sundays from 12-6 at white diamonds and 12-12 at RicKochets Billiards Played at boggies in Houston and it was a little pricey but the table were kept up very well.
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    Wtb Kelly cue

    Thanks for the info guys. Guess ill get in line to get one made lol.
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    Wtb Kelly cue

    Looking for a Kelly cue by mike d. Anyone have one forsale Email with pics and price thanks
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    question for apa captains

    We have 3s in 8 ball and strong 6s in 9 ball ( one person) here in louisiana. Giving up games to start with against a player that shoots your speed or better is tuff to beat.
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    Gambling question

    I've always played a few sets with the right race and then if there wanting to quit I offer then a double or nothing deal. Money always stayed the same unless the pool hall is closing relatively soon and I'm up a good bit. Always try giving them a chance back at a little money.
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    Best break tip?

    Ill get some video next time my friend has the app I'm too cheap to pay 5.00 for it hahaha. I got it where the cue ball can fly 4ft in the air. I usually break around 25-26mph for a nice spread.