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    Lowballing prices

    Low ball or not! There will always be people that want to haggle a better price. You could offer a TAD for $300 and there would be people try to haggle you down. It's your product and your choice, you have control of the situation. If you think it's too low then say "no thanks" and go on...
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    Cue ID help

    Steve Mizerak cue I talked to Jim Ingram, he no longer has the Steve Mizerak Adam cue so I can't provide any pictures. It had a weight bolt similar to this one, but was black rather than nickel silver. Interesting side note though, he was working on a Tim Scruggs cue that had a weight bolt...
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    Cue ID help

    I don't have it anymore, unfortunately. I gave that to Jim Ingram a few years ago. I will see if he still has it and doesn't mind me taking a few pics.
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    Cue ID help

    Adam veneer colors. I've seen some Adam cues that use identical veneer colors to these. I've seen them on the Adam Rambow cue model. I had a Steve Mizerak cue made by Adam circa late 80's that had that weight bolt. It wasn't the typical cheap Mizerak cue either. It had butterfly veneers and...
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    Mali cue? before 1968? Help Please.

    Here is a post from another az'r. Think this is most likely what you have.
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    Frank Paradise on ebay

    I was cruising cues on ebay and came by this. Beautiful cue, looks legit to me except for a couple of things. 1. The veneer colors are black, green, orange and white w/rosewood points. (who could have made these points in the 1960's) 2. Seller claims the cue is original unplayed...
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    John Guffy Cues...What can you tell me

    Guffey cues I have owned a John Guffey cue that had a 4-point Spain blank. Not all of theme were 6 point. Was told that many of the Spain/Guffey cues also had Spain butt sleeves not merely Spain points. Something to think about before your destroy one of these cues for a high end conversion!
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    Lignum Vitae for coring?

    lignum vitea I bought some blanks several years ago intending to use them for a cue later. I still have the blanks, however the 1.5" square blanks are considerably warped now. I definitely would not use as a core. I thought about using for points but now I don't know about that either...
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    Adam cue?

    It's an Adam Ask yourself a question. If you bought this exact design from a cue maker today how much would it cost? Answer: It would cost more to get made than you can get out of a vintage Adam. Makes no sense to fake. I have been told that Adam did in rare cases use Ivory joints, haven't...
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    George Balabushka Titlist Cues

    titlist cut for weight for length Some titlists are heavy, it is conceivable to me that he would replace a heavy rosewood handle with maple if he didn't want to build a heavy cue. Also, some titlist's don't have much distance between the end of the butt and the bottom of the points, it may...
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    Antique pool cue with octagonal handle

    I reciently purchased what is supposed to be an antique Brunswick cue. It has an octagonal handle area. When did Brunswick make these cues? I've seen some like this advertised on ebay as 1870's. Also, the cue is severly warped but the bottom half may be viable as a shaft if cut down. What...
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    TAD, Harvey Martin, +2 Verl Horn cues f/s

    Yet more pics More TAD pics.
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    One of kind Titlist on Ebay

    This is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. Check it out before ebay makes them pull it.;)
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    TAD, Harvey Martin, +2 Verl Horn cues f/s

    bump, bump, bump More Martin pics:wink:
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    Show your titlist conversions here!

    Jim Ingram Oak Titlist conversion Here is my Jim Ingram Oak Titlist conversion cue. Classic Bushka style. Sorry for the quality of the pictures they were taken a few years ago.
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    fs Prather cue cocobola buckhorn joint & hoppe ring

    Bump for Prather! Great Prather cue here, it's better than the average bear:grin:
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    TAD, Harvey Martin, +2 Verl Horn cues f/s

    Some more pics of that bad azz TAD! More pics of Tad Kohara cue.:thumbup:
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    TAD, Harvey Martin, +2 Verl Horn cues f/s

    Weekend bump! Bump for some classics.:smile:
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    fs Prather cue cocobola buckhorn joint & hoppe ring

    Weekend bump Bump for the weekend.
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    My new Murrell Player

    Like them very much. Like the veneer colors, inlay material, classic design with some extra BAM! to it. Beautiful cues here, congrats.:thumbup: