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    Omen cues

    Is Pete still building cues? I didn't see his website. I have a friend asking about value of a 6 point Southwest style cue with 2 shafts.
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    These are hands down the best jump breaks on the market in my opinion. I already have 2 or would consider buying this. Good luck with sale
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    2021 Omen Break Jumps--New Group!

    Best break jump cues on the market. Good luck with sale.
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    Heubler shaft

    Anybody have an original Heubler shaft plain black collar?
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    Bobby Hunter?

    Thank you
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    Bobby Hunter?

    Thanks for the info.
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    Bobby Hunter?

    Is Bobby still building cues? I have one I'm thinking about getting new shafts made for. Any information is appreciated
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    LTT Josh Treadway break/jump for Bob Frey Sneaky

    Any Bob Frey sneakies out there? Looking for 5/16 14, preferably 2 full shafts ebony or cocobolo. I have an ebony Josh Treadway jump break with an extra Jacoby playing shaft. On the road until Friday but I will post pics then. Or will buy Frey outright.
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    Shane Vanboening vs Jayson Shaw

    I think Shane wins by several games.
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    FS: Radial Shafts Tiger, Predator & OB Cheap

    Will these fit a Sledgehammer butt?
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    Vintage 4-Point Josswest-Maple Boxes-MOP Diamonds

    Is this still for sale?
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    Sledgehammer shaft LTB

    Looking for a Sledgehammer break shaft. Radial pin preferably as close to 13mm, not sanded down.
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    Ebony 4 Pt Bobby Hunter

    Good buy here. Good luck with sale.
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    Whatever Happened to These Guys?

    He went by Mike Monday here in Missouri, I think he was from Ohio but its been a bunch of years since Ive even heard his name. And I didn't know exact spelling for Pete but he used to come through here as well.
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    Whatever Happened to These Guys?

    How about Mike Monday and Pete Horn?
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    FS: PFD studios**ebony, abalone, & ivory**

    Wow, just Wow. Good luck with sale.
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    WTB Sledgehammer shaft

    Trying to help a friend find a shaft for his Sledgehammer break jump cue. Whatcha got?
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    Vegas APA???

    We get a big discount through APA. 7 days is only $44. If anyone wants the link I will try to put it on here
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    Vegas APA???

    Going to Vegas in August and curious if anyone knows how much the tram is from Mirage or Treasure Island to Westgate is? And where do I find it online?
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    Shafts and a cheap butt for sale

    How much for off brand break shaft radial with G10 tip?