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    Live PPV Coverage 2023 Int'l Open Oct 30 - Nov 4 Including All Table Scores/Streams

    Anyone else have trouble with no sound today on the feature table? Tried a couple browsers with same results - all other available tables have sound.
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    For Sale: Zylr, Joey Bautista, Revo 12.4 3/8 x 11

    Sent a PM on the Revo shaft. Thanks!
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    WTB: Players PureX J/B HXTP2

    Looking to buy a good condition Players PureX Jump/Break HXTP2 or similar. PM me with any offers.
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    FS: Schon STL-1 with linen wrap

    FS: Schon STL-1 with linen wrap Up for sale is a nice condition Schon with a newer double pressed linen wrap (nice and smooth). I bought this thinking I wanted a second cue to my other Schon, but I could use the money for other things. Specs: Butt 14.80oz Shaft 4.15oz 12.7mm at ferrule Some...
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    WTB: Decent Schon player

    Looking to pick up a decent Schon player. Does not need to be fancy; in fact I prefer something a little more plain. Dings or marks are ok as long as they do not affect playability; must be straight and not in need of repair. Would love something older; early 90s. Please post or PM me with what...