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    PM me please id like to get you in contact with a buyer!
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    Happy holidays Bump. $600
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    Bump pm for details
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    Ebony/Curly Redwood

    Bump pm for details
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    Ebony/Curly Redwood

    Rich PM me
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    Ebony/Curly Redwood

    Cue i just finished. Ebony forearm with four points of Curly Redwood. Segmented Curly Redwood handle with brass rings. Pm for details
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    One of my cues is for sale. $950obo Birdseye forearm Cocobolo points Redwoodlaceburl buttsleeve One shaft elfryon ferrule Ultraskin tip
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    Custom cue giveaway

    We are on our 3rd custom cue giveaway!!! I will be the builder of this upcoming contest!! Go to and go to the Kids Custom Cue Contest page. Have a young individual 16 and under Complete a video answering the questions provided with parental permission ....
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    WTB good player for son

    Here is a red/black 60" Ellis Custom No stains or dyes..all exotic woods (Ebony, redheart) G-10 pin Synthetic ivory ferrule/joint layered tip Custom rings (ebony/redheart) $650obo
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    Redheart/ Ebony 4 point Ellis Custom

    Thanks man. I moved out to colorado, so now until I get my shop moved out here ill be selling what I have and waiting till I cant start again :-)
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    Redheart/ Ebony 4 point Ellis Custom

    60" radial pin Redheart/ Ebony 4 point Ellis Custom For sale Iis one of my very own Ellis Custom Cues Made from a Redheart forearm Ebony points and sleeve Black/red spec irish linen Custom ebony/redheart rings G-10 radial pin Synthetic ivory ferrule/joint Single shaft, 13mm, layered tip $650 obo
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    Segments and other fun

    Thanks :grin:
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    Facebook giveaway at 1500 Likes

    Another facebook mystery prize giveaway. Last prize was a Custom Sneaky Pete! :) PHOTO Go here: Like the page Like the giveaway statues Comment & Share Do all this...
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    Ellis Custom Cues

    Thanks for your support! :)
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    Bubinga Cue

    I know you wanted a plain jane, but i thought Id show you a simple 4 point bubinga cue have in the process of building... Email me at and I will send you more photos
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    How about get yourself a job

    Good point!
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    Goldfield Burl and Borneo Rosewood

    Wow Beautiful... :thumbup:
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    How can I increase the weight of shaft?

    coat of epoxy? Max 1618 epoxy 6grams of A 3grams of B Mix good but dont agitate, heating helps also... Coat entire shaft like your clear coating it, all the way up to the ferrule... Spin for 6 hours to help flatten down, hang for a week, Sand down smooth, buff where it was originally clear...
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    Coolest looking Dufferin I've seen.

    Beautiful Duff. Id be willing to refinish this for you if you need. PM me.
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    I'm gonna be a dad! Its a boy!

    Congrats! :)