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    Cool new insert for Bucket Polisher:

    I use a high nap paint roller to separate the bucket in half. Helps with the same axis issue. I like this idea better.
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    Sold Bender

    Here are photos from Dean
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    Any female cuemakers out there?

    Tracy Dunham that works with Mike Bender at Bender Cues in Alaska.
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    Brunswick Token help

    Still looking. Since the Holiday is close thought I’d bump this up.
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    Brunswick Token help

    I have been trying to acquire a specific Brunswick token as a special present for my wife. It is from my wife's Great Great Grandfather's saloon in Minnesota. She is aware that the token exists and it will be a very special present for her. More details can be seen here...
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    WTB: MasonH/Mason H plain jane cue

    I have this one if you have any interest. Custom JPs are from Jim Baxter.
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    Wow! AZBilliards main forum is so beautiful now.... The Pool forum of the world!

    Really like the new look. Nice job AZB.
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    LTB---*OLD* Pechaur

    I have a PS 18 also have an additional OB 1 shaft. Plays great. Not looking to part with it but here is what they look like.
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    Rare Bender sneaky FT

    What are you looking for in trade for this cue?
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    FS: Espiritu fancy sneaky pete VERY NICE cocobolo

    Interested in the specs when you can post them. Thanks
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    Let's help bushwacker replacie his stolen cue!

    I'm in when you try again. We need to get this done.
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    Wtb in $600 range

    I just sent an Email with some cues for you to consider.
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    want to buy

    Sent a PM. Thank you Lynn
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    message too short

    Had the same problem. For some reason the comments field now needs text as stated above.
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    @@@fs: Near mint bluegrass sneaky@@@

    What great looking wood. I assume it is his standard 58"?
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    ** South West ** A few SouthWest cues available

    Please PM prices and specs of all the SW cues. Thanks Lynn
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    FS 3 NEW SLY Sneaky Petes

    Pease PM a price and specs for the Bocote. Thanks Lynn
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    **SWEET 2011 Josey Sneaky BRAND NEW! CHEAP!!!**

    14 and 30 please
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    New Jack Madden Players Cue for Under $20 a Spot, What a Deal!

    Tommie, since it's you I'll take 23 and 30 please. Payment sent.