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    Individual Sports The Greats Make The Game

    Don't forget Bernhard "Eagle Eye" Langer, another old pro who could bring it almost on demand.
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    Best Pool Player you saw alive, regardless.

    That might have been the year Toastie won 3 straight matches with 125 - 0 runouts. Yeah, that's pretty sporty...
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    Welcome to Gestapo Billiards. Have a good time.

    yes, but you will get shown a yellow card...;)
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    70s/80s Era Questions

    And then you ran across the odd person who either by ignorance or design, sometimes it might not be clear, would put absolutely the wrong cloth on a table. Like the fella I met one time with Simonis 300 (3 cushion cloth) on his Olhausen 8ft home table. Imagine playing on a formica counter top...
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    Surprised at the "stickiness" of Fargo ratings

    If there are players in the tournament entered WITHOUT a handicap (fargo or otherwise), yes, you will see distortions in the performance calculation for matches played against those players. Whats worse, IMO, is when some of the handicaps are mixed, ie. part fargo and apa, for example. At that...
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    Opinions on this cue?

    I was thinking possibly an old Adams, .....maybe a Huebler that had the butt cap replaced?
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    DCC match results?

    There is a link on the DCC website, but the completed matches has not updated since Friday. Check the following: Pete
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    Carbon fiber on an original Balabushka

    I suppose if you had to....I'd give the Pete's or Theresa a call and put in an order for one of their new CF shafts. Or at the very least some replacement maples, they are as close to George's as you can get.:unsure:
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    Go to playing cue.

    A cue collector friend I know ended up selling most of his collection several years back, mostly for personal reasons, but swore he would never part with his Hercek. And as can happen he got the question, "Would you consider selling?" His obligatory answer was an absurd (for then) number, but...
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    south west with a maple forearm and butt is a bad choice?

    I remember hearing from a reliable source many years back that Jerry's personal favorite was Goncalo Alves.
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    Good memories

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    Sneaky Pete Cues ……

    Isn't that sort of the logic SouthWest used with their "pacifier" or satin cues? Something to keep buyer's interest level up while waiting for the delivery of their chosen design.
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    Are we seeing the end of wood cues?

    If you know where to look, and can afford the maintenance, they can still be had. And they harbor the same appeal as high quality wood cues. It's all about aesthetics.
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    Favorite cloth color

    I thought the predator tables in gray were actually fairly easy on the eyes, and the ball colors stood out clearly, even the ones that were the wrong color. ;)
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    Definitely two separate guys, one from Joisey and the other down south. One's a 14.1 fan (NJ) and sweet Lou's an 1pkt guy. :cool:
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    Bugs vs. Jose.....Legends of 1P

    surely you jest?
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    All time greats- who do you play?

    hell, it'd have to be Smorg....IYKYK.
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    Not sold

    but a brace of bespoke Purdey's (Scruggs/Josswest/SW) will never go out of fashion. ;)
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    Just got kicked out from tourney

    just the way Bugs used to do it....