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    Nick Varner

    Nick Varner is one of the best players of all time. He could play all games at the highest level. He also went over to the Philippines and beat Efren with his own money!
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    dennis calling out anyone, 200k...

    I known Dennis has competed in a few Chinese 8 ball tournaments, but why would he be the favorite over top pros such as shane, Fedor, Josh?
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    dennis calling out anyone, 200k...

    So the bet is 200k any game on a chinese 8 ball table? Why would Dennis be the overwhelming favorite?
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    your paying too much for cues

    To each their own. My McDermott cost 400, and that’s about what I’m willing to pay for a cue. Just remember for those who don’t know, an exspensive cue won’t make you play better 😉
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    The Reyes Cup

    No james aranas?
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    Jayson Shaw another huge high run of 560

    I’m definitely tired of hearing about pocket seizes! Running that Many balls requires tremendous concentration and skill. I don’t care what size they are.
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    So Why Do I Find Myself Looking at Meuccis?

    the cue doesn’t make the player.
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    my 3 favorite pool players to watch

    He was definitely entertaining
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    my 3 favorite pool players to watch

    Efren-Shane- Fedor
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    Million dollar prize fund for 2024 world pool championship

    He has to be among the favorites in any tournament he enters. IMO
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    Players of the past and their Fargo...

    I have no doubts that players like reyes, archer, bustamante, Varner, Siegel. Could more,than hold, their own with filler and gorst
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    T-Rex updates

    I don’t know if Shane heard every word, what I meant was he knew Tony was goading him to play.
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    T-Rex updates

    Ii See nothing wrong with calling a guy out to play. I’m sure Shane is use to it and probably knows he could even be the favorite
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    Why the Best Players Want Tight Pockets

    no matter how small or big the pockets are, the better player will usually win in the long Run. I do how think pros should play on smaller than average pocket size.
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    Archers Not So Comeback and Commentary

    well said, sir
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    Day 1 Mosconi Cup Perspective

    What is”obvious“ is of course Europe has the better team. Just Look at the faces and body language of the American players they are extremely nervous,and playing under tremendous pressure. I think if they were able to relax, it would be a much more competitive contest. Thsee playets travel all...
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    Day 1 Mosconi Cup Perspective

    the mental game is on full display here. Europe is way more relaxed and playing with supreme confidence. Meanwhile USA looks totally nervous, and feeling the pressure from the opening rack.
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    MOSCONI CUP 2023 AZB Watch Party / Master Thread

    Europe simply has the better players,and you combine that with the overwhelming confidence that they display,and it becomes an Almost forgone conclusion
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    Who is going to win the 2023 Mosconi Cup?

    Make no mistake,about it. Europe has the better overall team, and should win. I just hope its competitive and I’m happy to see Fedor playing for USA
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    Why Isn't There no Robert Byrne's Tourament , whether 3c or pool ?

    He introduced and taught others to play better. I’d call that a benefit to the game.