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    Pro players still using wood shafts

    Facts: All CF shafts are different. All maple shafts are different. On a CF shaft, there is nothing you can do to change the taper, tip dia, collar dia. or what its filled with, where the weight was added to make it playable. All you can do is change the tip. On a wood or laminated wood...
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    Very droll, you are probably a big hit in the faculty lounge. Its a figure of speech, like wiretapping. Its also available at a physical library near you. So, is it a copyright infringement to check the book out of a digital library for temporary viewing but not an infringement to check it...
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    Its still not pirating.
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    You can only buy it as used, price went up to nearly 75$. I have bought 6 or 8 over the years when the price was reasonable. I’m certain. Its on a govt website so its not pirating, its in the public domain. You can’t download it from there but you can read it. You have to sign up to “borrow” it...
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    Nothing? I think Diekmans family has the rights to this book via Robert Byrne. it should be copywrighted and read into Audible by Pool Hustlers Daughter or other creative people. Just sayin.
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    Black Ferrules

    I use buffalo horn a lot, it is a very tough material and glues well. Every so often I will get some with a white vein running through it, looks gorgeous.
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    Private pool club - how many members for a 6 table club?

    Yes but this thread is not about how much you’d like to own a pool table, it is about the viability of running a private billiards club.
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    Private pool club - how many members for a 6 table club?

    So, minimum size for 6x9’ tables with room for chairs, a small bar and an office area is probably 2500/sq ft. 4350$/ mo. Would require 88 members @ 50$/mo just to cover the rent. Electricity for AC would be at least 500$ mo probably more. If you owned the building, different story but other...
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    Private pool club - how many members for a 6 table club?

    A couple of things I learned doing some research for my area (north Ga) A private club must operate as a non-profit. A private club must have at least 75 dues paying members and must be in operation for 2 yrs before applying for a beverage license Commercial real estate costs around 21$/sq ft...
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    Private pool club - how many members for a 6 table club?

    Back to topic at hand. Lighting is not a significant concern. Rent, security, and availability of at least a beer/wine or BYO are far more important. If it is a membership, and nobody under 21 is allowed in, that must simplify things. IMHO There must be a managerial presence there at any time...
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    White dots in the epoxy finish

    Thats my pals nickname not his username here. If you play a lot in ATL you will know who I’m talking about.
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    White dots in the epoxy finish

    I use a super slow UV resistant surfboard epoxy, it flows out and the only issues I have are bits of dust. I need better dust collection. I sand it out and then super glue. Its super durable, I have one drunken knucklehead customer that manages to ding up his cue while shooting lights out (Waco...
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    What are the most stable and playable cue wood?

    I make laminated spruce shafts. They hit “a ton” lol. Iighter and stronger than maple, they make airplanes out of it.
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    Having shaft diameter reduced - worth researching "the right shop?"

    Its not that we “can’t” chuck it up that way and turn it, it is just an extraordinarily bad idea. Great way to take unnecessary risks with a customers expensive shaft. For a .005” adjustment.
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    Cue butt a bit warped - fix it or leave it?

    I see from antique pool and billiards catalogs that they offered a service to straighten warped cues. I have never been able to bend a butt or shaft straight, tried weights, steaming, etc etc. I wonder how they did it? If someone has a severe warp it is possible to cut a butt in half and tenon...
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    Who will build me….

    I can tell you from my experience in building cues that customers will sometimes say “I absolutely love how your cues hit, but I want an 18” pro taper, steel joint, long ferrule out of some weird material, 31” shaft, blah blah blah” all things I don’t do for my own reasons, and they expect it to...
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    WTB cue lathe, recommendations welcomed

    Cue Smith Deluxe. You can be up and running very quickly and can do anything you need to do on any part of a pool cue. Yes its initially more expensive than converting a metal lathe but it is an extremely well designed purpose-built tool. I will be buried with mine, absolutely love it.
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    One Pocket

    Good place to start: Spend some time learning to break properly for 1P. You can “play the ghost” but its hard to realistically play safeties against yourself, so once you have the break shot down, go to the pool hall and prepare to be humbled.
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    Please Help ID This Tasc Wood UPDATE: SOLVED

    Thats Zebrawood. It can have a wide variation in grain and color.
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    pool chalk on a retractable string?

    Why would something convenient be of no value? Certainly better than the stupid chalk holder that you jam into your pocket every shot. Or the magnetic ones that get bumped and fall off and roll under the table. Both make a mess. I made my own chalk pulls and they don’t require any...