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    Sold Dynaspheres Rhodium black triangle cue ball bulk sale

    You can count me in for one if there’s enough other interest. Thanks
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    Sold Dynaspheres Rhodium black triangle cue ball bulk sale

    Any chance you’ll be getting more of these?
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    Mezz Ignite

    If you don’t get what you want I’d do $400.
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    Sold Shelby Williams Custom $2350

    Can you show a picture with all shafts and maybe one showing the full cue? Might be important to buyers
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    Custom joint protectors

    Sent you a message. Thanks
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    Elephant Ear & Lizard Wraps EARLY SUMMER Sale

    Are they premium EE? I’m looking for top of the line EE.
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    Best Playing Cue Builder

    I actually just talked with my cue guy about this today. He doesn’t make cues anymore, just does repairs. It surprised me when he said points actually help the feel along with changing grain structures and directions along with obviously wood choice. I was always under the impression that a MW...
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    Custom joint protectors

    Something custom. I have basic jps but want something new
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    Custom joint protectors

    Any idea who? The couple people I’ve asked said they can’t do it
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    Custom joint protectors

    Does anyone make custom joint protectors for wavy joint? Thanks
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    Mezz cue advice?

    My advice, buy one. They’re great cues. I can’t imagine a cue playing better than my TA3 or breaking better than my Power Break G.
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    Who would you choose?

    Want to get on a list to have my own design come to life. Who would you choose to make your next cue? Of course I want quality inlay work but playability is #1. Thanks
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    Mezz PBG, BK Rush or Cuetec Breach

    Title says it all. Send me a message with what you have and price Thanks
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    Segmented wrap

    It’s not based on me liking it. I’m am not some minority that says Mezz makes the best production cue and surpasses the majority of custom makers. Thats not a knock on customs either. Mezz makes amazing cues, that is a fact even if you don’t want to admit it
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    Segmented wrap

    I can agree with that. I was hoping it would have just been as simple as cutting the wrap in 3 pieces and adding some rings. It’ll be staying just how it is as though. I absolutely love this cue, no other cue has felt so right in my hands. Maybe that should have told me not to even think about...
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    Segmented wrap

    Once again, if it wasn’t much more difficult than charging a wrap I would have had it done. Any more work than that then it’s staying the same. You seem to like to argue just to argue. I hope your life becomes a little more positive, you are a very negative person.
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    Segmented wrap

    Mezz isn’t even taking orders for exceeds right now and you think they’d take an order to do this? I wouldn’t waste my time asking something I already know the answer to.
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    Segmented wrap

    It’s dumb that I wanted to change the wrap out to something segmented if it was a quick and easy thing to do? If it’s as in depth as you say(which it isn’t according to another custom maker I spoke to privately) then I wouldn’t even consider it.
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    Segmented wrap

    Simple answer is it’s just my opinion(however a lot of people will agree Mezz makes very good cues/shafts). If you look a little farther in I said I am most comfortable with this cue than my others, not that it can do something magical that another cue couldnt. I still will grab them from time...
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    Sold 2008 Keith Josey

    Nice! If I was willing to go into 4 figures for a new cue right now this would be on the list. Let me know if this ever gets under $1000😂