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    Dan Harriman's Cue Sports Prep Academy

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    2022 DCC Discussion Thread

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    Filler and TRex. Tue -Wed at Roys

    Should be the match. They were on break and that was on the screen.
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    Filler and TRex. Tue -Wed at Roys
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    Need HELP locating this BALL SET
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    World Cup of Pool set for LIVE US airing on ESPN
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    Ewa Mataya Topps Card

    Yes there are various tobacco cards. Here is an original Sportkings Willie Hoppe card from the 30's
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    Ewa Mataya Topps Card

    Some other cards from recent years. The Sportkings are not Topps cards but still nice cards. snooker
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    APA Vegas is a joke

    I agree that the tables were pretty bad. I didn't play but my wife was on an 8 ball team and played in some minis that I watched along with watching some other local teams and I saw plenty of bad roles and dead rails. The Riviera just needs to close. The place is a dump it is almost...
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    Frederick MD - Everything Must Go Sale March 17th

    All-Star Billiards Final Sale EVERYTHING MUST GO Saturday March 17 10am - 6pm 1037 W Patrick St # A Frederick, MD 21702 (13) 9' Brunswick Gold Crown Pool Tables ($500 - $1500) price varies depending on age and condition, Brunswick Centennial Ball Sets ($40) Pub Tables ($30-$50), Bar Stools and...
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    All Star Billiards Frederick,MD Open 10 Ball 11/19

    Here are some quick results. Had a field of 60 players that included Brandon Shuff, Shaun Wilkie, Brett Stottlemeyer, Kevin West, Matt Krah. 1st - Kevin West 2nd - Dave Beegle 3rd - Brett Stottlemeyer Some pictures from the event...
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    Top Hat Cue Club to host The Planet Pool Tour, on July 16th & 17th $1000 Added

    Was watching the stream Krah beat McCreesh. They were playing a set of 10ball race to 9? for $500? after the tournament on the stream when I went to bed. Anyone know who won the gambling match?
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    The Action Pool Tour (APT): June 11-12 Top Hat Cue Club, Parkville, MD!
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    Frederick Classic 10-Ball Tournament. November 14, 2009. Frederick, Maryland.

    1st Matt Clatterbuck 2nd Scott Tollefson 3rd Rocky Guell
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    Frederick (Maryland) Classic. May 16th & 17th. $1,600 First Place.

    1st - Manny Chow $910 2nd - Scott Tollefson $510 3rd - Ryan McCresh $325 4th - Rick Winpigler $225 5th & 6th - Danny Nicholson, Larry Neudecker $150 7th & 8th - Chris Centenio, Brandun Shuff $100 Did not end til almost 1:30. Scott Beat Manny the first set I think it was 9-4. Manny won the...