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    Mezz Ignite.

    It's not a RADIAL.
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    Capone Custom Plain Jane

    Beautiful museum quality cocobolo with wire ring work. Black leather wrap. No bolt 18.8oz. with 2 shafts that came with cue. 18.6. oz with OB shaft. The butt alone weighs 15.3 oz. Came with two shafts, one of which has an ivory ferrule. Later an original OB shaft was added & customized by Mike...
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    Sugartree 4 Sale

    BUMPTY? What does it mean? Thanks for the reply. I won't sell now. That's it!
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    Sugartree 4 Sale

    Two shafts came with the cue. The one was used, the other only once. They both come with the cue. Nice and straight!
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    Sugartree 4 Sale

    Pictures were posted along with new price.
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    Sugartree 4 Sale

    Check out the new asking price!
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    Sugartree 4 Sale

    New pics posted...
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    Sugartree 4 Sale

    Cocobolo and highly figured Bocote Plaine Jane with unique ring work. There is nothing plain about this cue. The balance is near perfect and the weight is a precise 19 oz. The cue comes with two shafts, with matching ring work. The price is $1450. There are no points on this cue. The quality...
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    For Sale - Schon Elite

    This cue comes with 3 shafts: 1 - Ivory Ferrule (Custom Matched for trueness) 13mm 1 - Regular Shaft 13mm 1 - OB1 Shaft 12.75mm All shafts are straight. No defects. All shafts have Moori medium tips. The weight is 19.3 oz. The cue has a genuine lizard wrap. The forearm is stained bird's...
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    Schon Elite for sale

    I have a nice Schon Elite for sale. It's a stained bird's eye maple with ebony points and ebony butt end, with real ivory ring work and ivory windows on butt end. There is also a bunch of mother-of-pearl diamonds throughout. It has a real (black) lizard wrap that was added later because I...
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    DP Cues Honors Return Policy

    It's good that this posting got some attention. That was the whole idea. You haven't dealt with him, so that's positive. There's a lot of stones being flung around here. I'm not the half-cocked guy here. But if he's as guilty as a horse thief then hanging is the way to go.
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    Who Is The Shadiest Cue Maker You Have Ever Dealt With And What Happened? Inquiring

    Maybe he could also fall out of a tree. :-)
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    Who Is The Shadiest Cue Maker You Have Ever Dealt With And What Happened? Inquiring

    You don't know the half of it. Or any of it for that matter. Thanks for butting in...
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    Who Is The Shadiest Cue Maker You Have Ever Dealt With And What Happened? Inquiring

    Please email me at Thanks!
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    Who Is The Shadiest Cue Maker You Have Ever Dealt With And What Happened? Inquiring

    If someone is screwing you over don't you think it's a responsible thing to let your friends know to beware?
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    DP Dale Perry Cues

    Pass up this guy. I'm going after him and his satisfaction guarantee. He sent me a piece of junk like I'm an idiot or something. Says I own it now. I sent it right back. Now I've got a fight on my hands to get my $950 back. I did a little investigating and found out that I'm not the only...
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    dale perry cues

    If you have any trouble with DP I would really like to know. Thanks!
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    Dale Perry cues?

    This is a quaote from an e-mail I got. He owes me $950. I have to go after him now for my money. "I feel your pain ... I truly hope he is finally put out of business on eBay and anywhere else he sells cues ... He is scum-of-the-earth. I no longer have the pictures of the damages cue he sold...
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    Dale Perry Backs his work up....NOT!

    Can you provide me with any info on any bad experience with DP. He owes me $950 trying to sell me a piece of junk. I'm going after him and his fraud ways.
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    OB good are they

    I think the hit is confident solid. I highly recommend it.