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    2024 AZB Ghost Challenge - Official Thread

    My latest game versus Mr. Ghost - finally managed to beat him 7-0:
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    After trying out the best brands, I found Taom glove to be the best for me, followed by Kamui. I don’t like Predator because it leaves too much of my index finger uncovered, and for rail bridge the shaft touches my finger skin.
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    2022 AZB Ghost Challenge - Official Thread

    Here is my 7-2 win against the Ghost which I recorded earlier this week. My table is a 9ft Dynamic 3 competition table (Eurotours are played on this model), with very old (about 5 years old) Simonis 860 cloth, which makes it even tougher, as balls surely rattle if not hit correctly.
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    Looking for a case that can hold a 32" shaft.

    I have this JB Ultimate Rugged 4x8, but it doesn't fit my 32 inch cue butt (normal butt 29 inch + 3 inch extension). So I would not recommend it. I don't know why it is marketed as 32.5 inch interior length...I also wrote an email more than a week ago to JB asking for a custom case to fitt my 32...
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    Center Pocket Music, the long-awaited CTE Pro One book, by Stan Shuffett.

    Indeed. But note that shipping can reach 85usd for European countries, which basically almost doubles the price of the book...I don't know how USPS calculates these huge shipping rates...
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    Predator Arcos 2 ball set review / opinions

    Hello, I'm kinda interested in the Predator Arcos 2 ball set, my Aramith Tournament balls started chipping a bit and it would be nice to replace them after almost 10 years of usage. But I could not find any real review or opinions about the Arcos 2 set, and I don't want to throw 400usd on...
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    Predator balls are available...

    Is there any actual review of the balls? I mean they look great, I especially like the triangles on the cue ball, but damn I'm not sure if it's worth it to pay 400usd for them...I have Aramith Tournament balls and I think the Predaor Arcos 2 should hit the same way...maybe I will wait for buying...
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    Cause of Inconsistency?

    It's so simple - eyes/sighting/alignment, but everything starts with how to consistently use your eyes for perfect bridge placement & body alignment. All the rest is bullshit. Of course not talking about beginners who just picked up a cue, but about players who can runout once in a while. The...
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    CJ vs Earl bonus match

    Earl will easily defeat him, should be 30-15 or so
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    Cue butt thickness

    Thanks for quick replies guys, much appreciated, keep them coming!
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    Cue butt thickness

    Hi guys! I can't seem to find much info regarding cue butt thickness. I really like thick cue butts, but couldn't find one for my taste so I put a LOT of tennis grip on my Predator butt. I like how it feels but it looks ugly. Excepting custom cues, can anyone help me with info about the thickest...
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    Striving For A Perfect Stroke?

    Focus on getting your eyes right all the way from standing position until down in shooting position, and if you do it properly and consistently then the stroke will be there for you as well ;-)
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    Predator z3??

    Listen to this guy ;-) I know how you feel, and I know you will probably still make the change, no matter what everybody here says...been there done that... Myself I regret it - I switched from 314-2 to 314-3, and I was very dissapointed. I feel the deflection is a bit higher in 314-3 as...
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    *** Mosconi Cup 2015 Updates Thread ***

    Wow I'm european but let me tell you I'm impressed with Skyler...plays with no pressure, great attitude, Shane left him quite some challenging shots but Sky never looked nervous, just got down and made every ball...great kid, handles pressure much better than Dechaine or Bergman.
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    Controllable Eye Dominance

    The main issue caused by the non-dominant eye is, from my experience, that many times the non-dominant eye takes control in exactly one of the critical moments in your shooting routine - the moment when you fix your bridge hand. If the non-dominant eye dictates where your V in the bridge is...
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    Training Device with Immediate Feedback

    Hi Colin, You're absolutely right regarding the importance of the V bridge placement. When I'm not in stroke, I carefully visualize the shot line from above, in order to be sure I place the V on that line. But tell you what - in fact I'm sure you are well aware of this :-) - if your visual...
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    Am I crazy or 314-3 has higher deflection than 314-2??

    LoL I did the same thing, purchased the Predator Sport 2 with 314-3...and didn't like it at I'm back at my Ikon 2 with 314-2. Don't hope too much, there is a big chance your friend will do the same as I did...for me the new 314-3 SUCKS...and this is coming from a Predator fan...
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    Am I crazy or 314-3 has higher deflection than 314-2??

    I'm using a kamui black super soft tip, the same as on my 314-2, so don't think the tip is the issue...
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    Am I crazy or 314-3 has higher deflection than 314-2??

    Pretty sure it's not the swerve, the shots I tried I was shooting quite firm so not enough time for the swerve to influence too much...
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    Am I crazy or 314-3 has higher deflection than 314-2??

    Been playing with a Predator Ikon 2, with 314-2 shaft, Kamui black super soft tip, for the last 2 years, before that I had an Ikon 1 with the same 314-2. Finally I decided to try a 314-3 shaft, I ordered it with the same Kamui black super soft tip, especially to have the same tip as before, in...