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    Adding elements to a Merry Widow cue

    Have customers asked to embellish a Merry Widow cue with inlays or fine line silver design. Is it advisable to alter a finished cue ?
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    Importing shaft from europe

    Thank you, not knowing the complexity of the law I have no desire to commit a crime. The distinction of pre ban ivory or other distinctions is something I thought the traders and dealers would know from their experiences. consequently I will not be buying anything from this seller
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    Importing shaft from europe

    I advertised for vollmer shaft with ivory ferrel, but the one available seems to be in Europe. I am no expert so a little advice would be helpful. Is there any risk of confiscation or other unwanted complications should I pass and hope for availability in USA.
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    Wanted vollmer shaft piloted s.s 5/16 - 14' ivory preferred

    Vollmer shaft wanted ivory preferred
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    WTB - Joss West Steel Joint Protectors

    5 x 16 - 14 acme or standard with rounded tops. Will accept 2 or 3 piece sets. state your price per set and send any pictures to
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    What is the one thing you did that improved your pool game a lot?

    Improvement pre shot routine, it slows you down to make better decisions and doesn't cost anything. Golfers use the techique all of time those practice swings are a part of the same routine no matter what the shot is
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    rules for golf

    golf that i saw played once or twice the games I saw invovled several players (3-5) with separate object balls and defensive movements with the cue ball so as to not give the next player a good shot at his next pocket while attempting to pocket their ball, so the games were very strategic...
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    rules for golf

    seen it played once of twice but what are the rules
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    1985-1990 Joss West

    My personal 1985-1990 favorite cue was traded many years ago. Search your closets and basements. Let me see your 1985 -1990 JW cues.
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    where is it now

    wow, congratulations on getting it back
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    where is it now

    anyone ever tried to locate the a cue that they owned several years ago and traded or sold to someone who in turn sold it to someone else if so i appreciate a little advice, i have pictures from john wright snapshots in the 1990's.
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    just so we are clear I agreed to pay the advertised price of $1,650.00 with escrow paid by me, i did not attempt to low ball as i tought the cue was reasonably priced (also because I am new and I dont know singernak I simply tried to protect myself) I know nothing of i trader, but if you wish...
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    1988 Joss West for sale

    I offered in writing to buy this cue from Singernak last week, however he was uncomfortable with using a reputable escrow service (Proficient Billiards) at the buyer's expense. The service would verify that the cue was as represented (straight together and apart). Singernak suggested that I...
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    Eventhough i am new to azbilliards i am posting this message reluctantly after waiting 4 days for a return phone call or e-mail from singernak. It must be a rare thing considering that most sellers find it hard to find a reputable buyer that a seller that advertises a cue for sale for several...
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    A little different STYLE.

    waiting for the official sale notice too bad there are no more raffles, hope the final price is as attractive the cue
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    5/16 x 14 acme tread, and predator blank

    i purchased a predator blank (no joint) to mate with an older josswest, but i am having a hard time finding a cue builder that has the appropriate tap, i called predator who referred me to seyberts, etc. i e-mailed or left messages with other custom cue builders and no returns calls or...
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    Acme tap 5/16 x 14 to join predator and josswest

    thanks thanks, new member getting use to the format
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    Acme tap 5/16 x 14 to join predator and josswest

    I have an older josswest cue that has an 5/16 x 14 joint which i am told requires an acme tap. I bought a blank predator (no joint) other shafts that are 5/16 x 14 will not join this cue. My question is are there any cue makers out there that can retain the joint and mate the predator ( i...
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    thanks thanks for the advice