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    Minimizing Cue Ball Movement Distance

    Whats your thoughts on this one? You hear that in 14.1, you should minimize cue ball movement distance to position on your next shot. I am just a home table banger, but I know (or think I do anyway) what the intent of the saying is, you need precise cue ball control to move through a rack. It...
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    The Billiards Channel: a thought experiment

    I like the tour of the Philippines. I have always liked to watch the Philippine money matches on Youtube not only for the pool, but for the atmosphere. I think that a pool hall around the world show would be a great show.
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    14.1 Stats -- 2017 World Tournament, Round-Robin Matches, Oct. 2017

    A statistic that might be interesting, that I think you have the data for would be Percentage of innings a player plays a safety. It might be even in the published stats above in the thread. It would be interesting to see who the offensive players are vs the defensive, and if one strategy or...
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    Giveaway, R Neighbors Conversion

    Just saw this, I am in! I am becoming a fan of conversion cues.
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    Zero-X vs. VEPS

    From the youtube excerpts I have seen, this sums it up perfectly Tor is more practical oriented, and Dr Dave more what and why.
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    who won make it happen

    Efren is certainly the grand old man of pocket billiards, but I thought he came rather late to One Pocket? Maybe it was me that has just come lately to one pocket!
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    One Pocket Etiquette - Potting ball off break

    Pretty sure I happened to see Frost rerack after making a ball on the Scott/Dennis stream. I am not a One Pocket player, so it made me wonder about the rule.
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    Opinions? Should I have won this game or lost? League operator ruled against me.

    Not exactly the same but I have always played that if in Golf your opponent give you a "gimme" and you shoot anyway and miss, you miss.
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    The True Path to a USA Mosconi Cup Victory

    Great Idea! They need to wear those Mexican wrestling costumes and masks, as well, in styles that match their names.
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    2016 Mosconi Cup Contest (Pick the Winner)

    First one that popped into my head wasnt guessed. ( I know I could pick it anyway) so: USA 11-8 SVB Not what I would pick if I was trying to go for the odds, but put me down for this.
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    Help identify

    Cant help you on ID, but I like the simple but distinctive design.
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    Need Help - City Fighting Pool Hall

    There may not be time before your meeting, but Bob Byrne had a chapter in one of his books (sorry dont recall which one) that addressed this very topic, Fighting City Hall for a Pool Hall.
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    Wing Ball Won't Go? Magic Rack...

    There are no ball counters or Brunswick Labels on either end rail. Dont know if it came that way or this is an assembly of parts from a couple of pool tables. I will remeasure, as I could have measured wrong, and give more details, but its going to take me a few days...
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    Chalk lines on table

    I have noticed the same thing. Always disappeared when I did my standard table cleaning - vacuuming, chalk off, and brushing. Assumed it was chalk, as it match spots that would show up when I rested my tip on the cloth, but might not be.
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    Wing Ball Won't Go? Magic Rack...

    I agree, this is a small difference, probably about at the acceptable tolerance level, but I thought it might be worth pointing out an assumption thats not always true. I my case I discovered this when marking my table, I found an offical marking guide somewhere that was particular about...
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    Wing Ball Won't Go? Magic Rack...

    I believe that the right way to place the spot is to measure the distance. Dont assume the diamonds are right. I know on my home table that the two methods, measurement and diamonds give two different spot locations, off by 3/8 to 1/2 inch or so.
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    Whats your pool dream?

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    Whats your pool dream?

    Living in San Diego, I have to admit that the smokehouse microbrewery pool hall has occurred to me.