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    Pechauer joint question

    I’m confused. I have been told that a Pechauer pro joint will fit their sp cues. Is this true? Also, will 5/16/14 fit their sp cues?
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    Meucci Cues

    I a Pro shaft from you. The word Pro at the base of the shaft was made of a rubbery substance and came off in about week. I too, have not received responses to many emails.
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    Best player ever for the cash?

    Bill Lawson could play with anyone.
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    Best player ever for the cash?

    Bill Lawson was an under cover player that could play with anyone.
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    Pechauer Sneaky

    I have no one with the wine stain.
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    Dave Matlock

    I live in the Kansas City area. Other than Raytown Recreation, I know of no other pool halls. It's all places are like Side Pockets. They all have food and drinks. Bar tables (3.5 x 7) are the norm. Pool leagues dominate.
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    Fast Larry

    I worked at the Isis two days a week while going to college. It was located at 3133 Troost. I never had any safety issues. Bill Larson spent several months there in the late sixties. He is best I ever saw, but he had a drinking problem. George Welch was a good player, but not in the class with...
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    What is the most consecutive racks of 9 ball ever run?

    The company insuring the money initially refused to pay because the nine was made on the break. I think it was settled in the $200,000 range.
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    New shaft from OB

    I have a Kielwood shaft that I sometimes use. I have a Kielwood shaft which is the same thing. I plays wonderfully. I like that the process makes the wood darker. It looks an old house cue. I use a plain Jane butt section. I like it better than my carbon fibre shaft.
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    What's the highest TPA ever for an entire 9B match?

    How would Lawson matched up with the players the quality of Lassiter. I saw Larson play in Kansas City in the late 60’s. When sober, he was the best I’ve ever seen.
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    WTB - Meucci pogo - black

    I have a black one that has been used very little. I have photos, and would send them to you. All I need is an email address. I'm using a Amazon fire tablet that does not contain photos.
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    WTB - Meucci pogo - black

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    Meucci Carbon Fiber Pro at DCC

    Mexico Cues I have been using Meucci cues for over forty years, and have never had a problem. I have two pro shafts and the carbon fiber shaft. They all play great.