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    Sold 99.9% New Mezz Tulip into Ebony six pointer with Ex Pro Shaft

    “The composite laminated wood is an engineered wood product created by layering dried and graded wood veneers with phenolic resin adhesive in a heated press. The grain of each veneer layer runs in cross-lamination resulting to greater stability and strength. This unique wood stores energy that...
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    Have exotics inflated in price as much as plywood?

    I thought the exact same thing about that crash, right after grumbling about the mess it would make of the commute.
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    Was my GC3 installed correctly?

    Bare minimum, I’d ask for no wrinkles that can hit balls in play and for the side pocket folds tightened up. If they can do the side pockets without folds and without wrinkles, maybe that’s ok. It’s outside my lane to know for sure what counts as acceptable. I’m a pretty low-end player and don’t...
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    Was my GC3 installed correctly?

    I did the folded trim because my pockets were giving me fits, and my relief cuts alone looked awful. They needed something to cover my mistakes.
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    Was my GC3 installed correctly?

    Indexing is the process of finding the proper amount of stretch for the cloth. The Simonis DVDs explain it very well. Briefly, the installer should measure the maximum amount that the cloth will stretch side to side across the bed. That distance gets marked. If I’m giving out too much info that...
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    Was my GC3 installed correctly?

    I wouldn’t be satisfied paying for that. I just did my first ever attempt at installing & covering my GC1 using CPBA cloth. This was a learning project using the Simonis DVDs and IMO gave a little better job than your installer. I know there are some bed stretch shadows by the side pocket, but...
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    Pool Table Light for 7' and 9'

    Very interested to see how this turns out. I’m limping along with a couple temporary shop lights over the table in the unfinished basement.
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    GC 1 questions

    I’ll try to throw my GC1 hardware into the tumbler this week with some fine corn cob media. An ultrasonic cleaner with mineral spirits and scrubbing with copper brush didn’t really get the results I wanted.
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    X Ray

    That seems extremely high for a plain film that doesn’t include a medical interpretation. Now that most imaging is done digitally, there isn’t nearly as much overhead for consumables like film and chemicals. A guy could even stick the joint in a fluoroscope and snap a pic with enough resolution...
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    Upgrading GCI to slate levelers

    Thanks. You actually know my table; it's right near Boise, taking up my truck's parking space in the garage next to a non-running motorcycle. I’m moving it into the basement bit by bit, recruiting my neighbor to help with the heavy pieces. ;) I just happened to have been reading the old...
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    Upgrading GCI to slate levelers

    As RKC pointed out, early models didn't have adjustable feet. The old installation manual describes leveling the base frame by shimming the feet and planing the high spots on the frame. "Round veneer shims are supplied" to place under the feet. My recently purchased GC1 is one of those with...
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    Gold Crown 1 casting.

    Just installing cloth. Except I just got a call at work saying they forgot to order the cloth and need to push back my installation. I’ll call you this evening.
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    Gold Crown 1 casting.

    Drive safely. I don’t want you to come see me at work tonight (trauma hospital). It may be too late to cancel with the shop & get a refund, but I’ll look into it tomorrow after my overnight shift is done. You probably are acquainted, since they used to be a Diamond dealer. If it doesn’t...
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    Gold Crown 1 casting.

    Nice! New member checking in from the Boise area. I’m kicking myself for not calling to see when you would be coming through town. I found a GC1 for $800 in Blackfoot last month and brought it over. It’s sitting in my garage awaiting installation next week, and the shop has my rails to install...