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    It's A Small World & And The 1st Texas Open Champ

    small world Hate to burst your bubble, I realize that this is an old thread but: Dorothy Wise was adamant about NOT gambling. She has spoken about this in public interviews as well as personally. She Was my Grand mother. And she always spoke about not gambling. And yes she was the best player...
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    pechauer cue

    I do have pictures for some reason I can't post them but I can send to whoever wants to see.
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    pechauer cue

    For sale: Pechauer cue with matching 2 cue case. This cue is as new, played less than 10 times, playing causes me too much pain (shoulder replacement) cue is approx.. 2 yrs. old. paid right around 500.00 for package 250.00
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    Who is Jimmy Wise?

    jimmy wise All Jimmy was married to Dorothy Wise, (5) time U.S, open champ and a Brilliant player, Do you still have the LP. this man was also mygrand father (step) as he was Dorothy's 2nd husband unfortunately he passed away when I was very young. Best guess is '64-'65. Dave
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    Pro Players that deserve RESPECT

    respect hey all, from personal dealings Dorothy Wise has mine. She was a professional, champion and paved the way for women in "cue sports" She would not gamble, don't think I ever heard her swear, and she believed that she played billiards (not pool):grin: One of her favorite sayings was...
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    Remembering Dorothy Wise Part 3 & Conclusion

    dorthy wise Mr. Dennis How well did you know Mrs. Wise? I ask Because she was my grand mother and I did not get to spend much time with her so I was surprised to run across your story on this forum. Not sure if you are still on here maybe you could P.M. me.