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    Philippine Disaster Relief....

    Philippine Disaster USA was the first to respond with Aid, our Military flew water ,food medical supplies and other necessities . We pledged Millions in aid, who do you think authorized this ??????? President Obama so don't try and imply he did nothing. This BS needs to stop .
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    payouts Thanks for the up date
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    where can I find the payouts for the banks,1p & 10 ball Vegas
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    complete payout bank pool Tunica

    anyone have that information
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    Who is the Greatest Female Pocket Billiard Player in History?

    The two best that I have seen was Jean and Allison Its hard to make a comparisons seeing that they didn't play in the area. It would have been something to watch .:smile:
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    Update on US Open player payouts

    Did the players get paid ???
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    Barry Behrman Makes Statement About U.S. Open Prize Fun

    Barry Behrman Makes Statement About U.S. Open Prize Fun??????????????
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    RIP John "Monster John" Rouse

    I had the pleasure of knowing him not only as a pool player, but as a friend. I am sadden by his departure,but God knows best . RIP my friend
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    Your thoughts on a "rack your own" format.....

    I love it,your opponent like yourself has the right to check the rack and if you don't like it they have to re rack
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    US Open 1P

    are they streaming this and if so where ?
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    Dennis O Vs Van b finals Hardtimes 10ball

    Thanks I appreciate that
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    Dennis O Vs Van b finals Hardtimes 10ball

    Where can I see the finals ?
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    Please pray for Grady.

    I serve a MIGHTY GOD, through him is all things possible , I sent a special prayer for Grady and i know it will be given. Grady you are in God,s hands and he makes no mistakes .
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    Pool rooms becoming extinct

    There is a lot that goes into this ,room owners that have no people skills,greed. There are so many variables. I used to play in a room that the customer was secondary. Road players were treated better than the locals who supported the room. This owner wonders why players and the general public...
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    One Pocket Rule

    You cant freeze the cue ball with the tip of the cue,its a foul and he has to replace the cue ball and shoot it again,he does not get cue ball in hand behind the head string. This situation arose with Piggy & Earl in their match .
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    Shane vs Dechaine

    I saw that 9ball match ,I couldn't believe what happened . :-(
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    Derby Shittee

    Different strokes for different folks , the pearl was the WORST Asian food I have ever eaten in my life , the service had people leaving, If you want to eat in a smoke filled environment,that,s your choice (not mine) Personally I drove to New Albany and enjoyed a quiet enjoyable meal,but that...
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    Any information on the Tunica tournament in July???
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    What happened to pool?

    What happened to pool Pool like any other sport must be developed with the kids,unfortunately this isn't being done with pool .If you want future players ,start them out when they are young. Most important, make it affordable. Empty tables earn NOTHING .