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    Do i upgrade to a diamond???

    My local pool hall is diamonds only. My goal is to be the best but I know I can't be a pro cause I don't have time to practice 8hrs a day. I know my confidence will go even higher playing on a diamond at home then go to the hall an playing on them. Guy coming next week to refelt it with simonis 860.
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    Do i upgrade to a diamond???

    Well I bought‍ it😁
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    Need help with diamond table!!!!!

    Just got my diamond 7ft today. Need to know more of the mechanics of leveling the table. I messed with the 2 nuts on each leg but dont wanna make it worse just by trying to figure it out as i go. Any diamond mechanics I can call?
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    Pete Tonkin is a Fraud

    I sent a cue in for work an less than 3 weeks I had it back an he refinished it for me for free since I had to wait longer than expected. Idk wtf yall talk about
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    Do i upgrade to a diamond???

    Yea I've seen pockets differences. Thanks for letting me know though. Yea I think I could easily get 1500 for it being hard to get the home edition an black cat version. The diamond is 5k about 3hrs from me. Idk I keep trying to talk myself out of it to. I just like the way a diamond plays...
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    Do i upgrade to a diamond???

    So I bought a brand new valley black cat home edition couple years ago. I put penguin rails on it pro cut so there tighter. Table plays damn good compared to a diamond table. Only play on 7ft. I have the chance to buy a diamond used. Money not the problem but is it worth it to upgrade? I play...
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    [emoji882]BK Rush Replacement Wraps[emoji882]

    I'll take one once you get more
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    Bell Forest Robbed at Expo. Donations Needed

    Fuck that go fund me page an them to. Play stupid game win stupid prizes. Big ass scam to me. Wish they'd get on here an reply.
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    Bell Forest Robbed at Expo. Donations Needed

    Having that kind of money in a truck locked you deserve for it to get stolen. Shit sounds like a scam to me. They need to take the gofund me down. What a joke
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    Bell Forest Robbed at Expo. Donations Needed

    Sorry about there bad luck! Fuck em. If you contribute to them your a fucking moron to. Let's argue......
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    Perimeter vs Lite Systems

    Those hexagon lights are nice but there to damn pricey.
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    Perimeter vs Lite Systems

    I like the setup🫡
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    Perimeter vs Lite Systems

    Perimeter billiard light. Any other light is junk. I bought one. Don't regret it. 400$ for my 7ft. I'll put It up against any light out there.
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    Best Playing Cue Builder

    It's mainly in the shaft. Butt really doesn't do shit
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    Sold Ghost propel

    Damn. If you would of posted a week ago😔
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    THE REAMATCH!!! "T-Rex Tony Chohan" vs. "Banking Billy" Billy Thorpe-May 17-18-19

    I high doubt bet is 100k in the middle just a way to get people to watch. Billy will blow his ass out again. He's mad everyone beating him at his own game.
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    Joint pin choice, Radial or 3/8x10?

    3/8x10 more common than radial. Go with 3/8....