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  1. J-Flo

    7 Foot Diamond PRO-AM Pool Table for sale $4,000

    Location Location please.
  2. J-Flo

    Any interest in 1 year old Mid America Pro So Cal

    Location please. What city are you in. Going to see if I can have a friend pick it up for me.
  3. J-Flo

    Looking for......

    Looking for a repair lathe. Nothing to big because it will be used on location. Please text info including pics price and location to (708) 972-3143 Thanks in advance Also anyone who has done their homework on small lathes or may have purchased new, please share. I'm not opposed to buying new...
  4. J-Flo

    R.I.P "Sailor"

    Another one of the greatest enters the pearly gates. A couple of pics from Red Shoes Sailor with John Lavin the owner of Red Shoes, Sailor with Dennis Walsh of Derby City Straight Pool Challange
  5. J-Flo

    Freddy the Beard Page

    none there are none available! A few guys here at Red Shoes have been trying to get a few shirts, but no luck.
  6. J-Flo

    2017 14.1 challenge?

    Hello, it's me, John Flores. I was one of the guys helping Dennis Walsh and Bill Marop run the Challenge this year. I was speaking to you about table mechanics. The big guy with the beard. lol listening to Frank Sinatra. Just wanted to tell you it was nice meeting you and if you need any tools...
  7. J-Flo

    Dcc help

    thanks, I'll get your number to him. He figure out how to get back. Thanks again.
  8. J-Flo

    Dcc help

    A young player from the Netherlands is at hotel in Louisville and looking to car pool today and tomorrow. Need to get from WoodSpring Suites Louisville South, to Horseshoe. He came in two day to early so he has no ride till Saturday. Any help would be appreciated. You can text me at...
  9. J-Flo

    Alex Brick jump cue

    one of the last ones or of his shop. Brand new. Pm for pics SOLD SOLD SOLD plus fees. I'll be at Derby if you want to meet there.
  10. J-Flo

    OB Cues DigiCue Pass Around Reviews

    Just Wondering Is this unit available yet and have any of the testers actually purchased one?
  11. J-Flo

    Fri day matches

    JS just won
  12. J-Flo

    UltraSkin Layered Cue Tips Sale

    Payment sent payment sent
  13. J-Flo

    Straight pool DCC

    More pics Few more pics All that action, plus I won a hondo in about 8 second in the casino.
  14. J-Flo

    Straight pool DCC

    I was Lucky I was Lucky enough to be friends with Dennis Walsh and I was able to watch all the high run attempts on Wednesday. I was also able to watch the first 2 matches. I'll post a few pics. Al of the players expressed the same feeling about the 14-1 challenge. They all basically said it...
  15. J-Flo

    And you thought you new it all

    I found this on the inter-web. It was written by a friend on mine who shoots in the straight pool league at Red Shoes Billiards, Mr. Ron Shepard. P.S. Just for the record, I didn't get past the introduction. New/Knew the joys of...
  16. J-Flo

    :: Meeting & Shooting :: Octotber @ Hight Point,NC - Chicago - Bangalore, India..

    Magic Chalk Come on out and bring me some Magic Chalk. I tried it yesterday and seems to live up to the hype. Bring a gross. I'll sell it at Red Shoes.
  17. J-Flo

    :: Meeting & Shooting :: Octotber @ Hight Point,NC - Chicago - Bangalore, India..

    Wednesday Tonight as in Wednesday.
  18. J-Flo

    :: Meeting & Shooting :: Octotber @ Hight Point,NC - Chicago - Bangalore, India..

    Nine Ball slop fest! We had a great time and good food. Getting together at Pyramid tomorrow night. Jive will post some pics later.
  19. J-Flo

    :: Meeting & Shooting :: Octotber @ Hight Point,NC - Chicago - Bangalore, India..

    Chicago I'll call Beggers now and order the pie! We can also hit a couple of other places this time. Just let me know your plans. J-Flo
  20. J-Flo

    Johnny Archer At Redshoes

    Horders Since we throw nothing away at RS I dug up a few things for Johnny to sign