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  1. TimKrazyMon

    Users who change their user title to "banned" ...

    this thread ............
  2. TimKrazyMon

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    already been posted, but still funny.
  3. TimKrazyMon

    APA Rating Question

    Best way to try to extrapolate would be to get a copy of the document that used to be on Chilling Effects. Ask around, I'm sure someone still does.
  4. TimKrazyMon

    57 table tournament room opening in Statesville NC

    Mike, when are you guys looking to officially open?
  5. TimKrazyMon

    Mike Dechaine : Things for you to know

  6. TimKrazyMon

    The real reason Mike Dechaine withdrew from the World Straight Pool

    Would just like to say...... The pool/billiards world putting up with Charlie and Dragon Promotions........
  7. TimKrazyMon

    Where is Rhea?

    well then,
  8. TimKrazyMon

    TAR is not dead.

    Great to hear TAR is back. Good luck to you, JCIN.
  9. TimKrazyMon

    Where is Rhea?

    hmmm, wonder what happens if folks start complaining to the sponsors?
  10. TimKrazyMon

    Where is Rhea?

    but pool is a sport, yes? with a governing body? that makes rules? I would be curious what, if any, stance the BCA or WPA have on this issue.
  11. TimKrazyMon

    Where is Rhea?

    Dave, even if what you say is true, pretty much all athletic associations allow transgender athletes to compete after two years following gender reassignment surgery and hormone therapy. If these criteria have been met, I'm not seeing the problem with her playing in a women's event.
  12. TimKrazyMon

    Where is Rhea?

    The Rhea drama. Seriously, ffs.......
  13. TimKrazyMon

    Ebony & Ivory Andy Gilbert for sale

    so, what is the price?
  14. TimKrazyMon

    The Hustlers, Season 1, Episode 7

    ugh, this thread........
  15. TimKrazyMon

    Finnegan is a crook and a scumbag.

    this thread.... seriously.........
  16. TimKrazyMon

    Sad news. Tim Scruggs past away last night.

    Sad day for the pool world. RIP Tim and condolences to family and friends.
  17. TimKrazyMon

    The Hustlers, Season 1, Episode 7

    I'm with ya, boogeyman. Seems like even if pool wins, it loses.
  18. TimKrazyMon

    Who is the hottest woman in pool

    that's Mary Avina. and for that comment, please PM me contact info for your drug dealer. That must be awesome stuff you're smokin'.
  19. TimKrazyMon

    You are off the hook, CJ !

    so, I've read this thread, and.........
  20. TimKrazyMon

    Ratings and/or numbers for The Hustlers

    The Hustlers is preceded and followed by Hardcore Pawn.