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  1. Holly

    Mark Griffin.... Thank you

    I’m not either Lou
  2. Holly

    Mark Griffin Loses Battle with Cancer

    Mark was astonishing. I worked with Mark on a near daily basis for six years in Vegas and then for about two remotely and although I left the sport in 2014, he and I still spoke regularly. He was this very rare mix of professional, relaxed, renegade, passionate, stubborn, creative...
  3. Holly

    Mark Griffin -- Not Long to Live

  4. Holly

    Royce Bunnell Of OB Cues Has Passed Away - RIP

    A True Gentleman Like all of us who knew and admired Royce, I am stunned and deeply saddened by the news of his passing unexpectedly this week. I always considered Royce one of those rare people that was capable of being strong and tough, gentle and persevering, kind yet equally held himself...
  5. Holly

    The new AzBilliards

    Great job! Absolutely love the new AZBilliards! Bravo to Mike, JP and Jerry on all their hard work. Seeing how far this site has progressed over the past 16 or so years is a true testiment to the energy that Mike and everyone involved has put into the sport. Now...go take a wee rest, maybe a...
  6. Holly

    TAR Live Today USBTC 8-Ball (Bustamante vs. Deuel Right Now Great way to start the day!
  7. Holly

    17th Swanee this weekend Live Stream

    This weekend, Feb 23-24. Live from Hard Times Billiards in Bellflower, CA. The 17th Jay Swanson Memorial 9-Ball Tournament. LIVE STREAM of 192 of the best players including Shane Van Boening, Francisco Bustamante and Dennis Orcullo plus two time consecutive winner, Alex Pagulayan (can he make it...
  8. Holly

    CSI Response to ABP Points List and Recent Announcement

    That is correct John. Most of the $8 million has been to the amateur side. At the same time CSI has added 6 figures to the pro events over the past several years.
  9. Holly

    CSI Response to ABP Points List and Recent Announcement

    Thanks Scott. Loving life and a happy wife :) On the business side, thank you also for your words of support. CSI always strives as you know, to be inclusive, positive, progressive in it's thinking, yet pragmatic on it's strategies and diligent on it's goals to always promote and grow the sport...
  10. Holly

    What is the greatest compliment someone has given you?

    the greatest compliment anyone can give, a sincere "Thank you"
  11. Holly

    CSI Response to ABP Points List and Recent Announcement

    With AZBHousepro's permission, below is a link and copy of a press release by CSI that was posted on Oct. 2nd. CSI Responds to ABP Press Release and Supports BCA CueSports International, Henderson, Nevada (September 28, 2012) –CueSports...
  12. Holly

    Who is the Professional Governing Body with Official Rankings?

    The Billiard Congress of America (BCA) is the governing body.
  13. Holly

    AZBilliards Restates Position on Press Releases

    Press Releases are designed to be announcements based on information that is considered true and factual. It is a communication tool to the general population that is a particular target audience, such as sports or specifially in our case, the pool community and industry. There are standards...
  14. Holly

    BCAPL Adds New Singles Division at Nationals

    Also...offering more to players, after working towards expanding our BCAPL and USAPL State Championships, coming in November we are happy to announce the following two state events, Both are $2,000 added and feature Scotch Doubles and Singles competitions. 2012 BCAPL / USAPL Colorado State...
  15. Holly

    BCAPL Adds New Singles Division at Nationals

    Hello All, in case you didn't get the chance to read the release on the AZBilliards home page, CSI announced yesterday that we are adding a new Leisure singles division to the BCAPL National Championships. Our goal is to again expand opportunities for players of varying skill levels the...
  16. Holly

    ATTN : TAR and ACCUSTATS.....
  17. Holly

    3rd Annual BCAPL Southwest Regional Aug.30-Sept 3

    Glad to see they are doing the pool party again, that was really nice and heard the players really enjoyed it.
  18. Holly

    Barry Behrman Stuck in Mud

    I think we have all felt stuck in the mud at some point in life, few literally though. In all seriousness though, so glad Barry is ok. The VA Beach area in the summer is no joke, hot, humid, being stuck out in the bay like that in the mud in those conditions can be pretty bad. While he is good...
  19. Holly

    CSI Tunica Open Events 8-Ball and 9-Ball July 20-25

    Hi B, Mark will be able to respond with more details. Will email this thread to him to make him aware of your question. :) Thanks Holly
  20. Holly

    CSI Tunica Open Events 8-Ball and 9-Ball July 20-25

    In addition to the great 1st place guaranteed money (with the full listed field sizes)...the top finishers in the following will receive... CSI Tunica 8-Ball Men's Open winner (an entry to the Men's 8-Ball division of the 20th US Bar Table Championships) CSI Tunica 9-Ball Men's Open winner (an...