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    how are ya'll doing in league ?

    Nice to see this thread still rolling along. Be kind to the sand baggers, they are some mother’s son or daughter.
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    Scott Frost Vs Chip Compton - 100k Race to 40 ONE POCKET - Tue-Friday

    In this match It is up to each player to manage the other. Once my opponent asks for a 2nd break in the same rack just to get an edge, I am going to say no. One guy takes a break then the other guy takes one back to make a point and that is why they need day 5. Not knocking just funny watching...
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    Scott Frost Vs Chip Compton - 100k Race to 40 ONE POCKET - Tue-Friday

    For those who are unable to watch let me give you an update. Frosty is up 19 to 16. The players are taking a break and the first rack has not been finished yet. This is beginning to get bad.
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    SVB vs Chang Update Thread

    Welcome to the thread.
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    PPV-$3,000 Added 6th Annual Seniors One Pocket Tournament July 1-4th, 2021

    Not a knock, but I don’t think these two men got enough sleep.
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    World Snooker Championships 2021

    Thanks as always sir for your thread. Enjoyed the fr. 18 safety battle between Junhui and Bingham.
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    Ronnie and Barry fight on

    Classic Ronnie playing from behind. He doesn’t always win this way but it is what he does against the best to stay interested. Sad really. He is phenomenal. I like that young kid from Chi/Tai, can’t think of his name but I believe he won the Scottish Open this year. Great young player.
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    Mosconi 2020 streams

    I have DAZN and can’t see that they will carry the event this year. They should since it is matchroom. Can anyone confirm that they will show it ? Thanks.
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    47th Annual Texas Open Updates

    Would you be required to quarantine upon return to Cali ?
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    The Welsh Open 2020

    Page plays well. Composed.
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    Jackpot Cues

    I loved your last sentence. Of course I haven’t really kept up with much of this, but hate seeing penny loafers getting such a bad rap.
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    Jackpot Cues

    Just looked at the last 5 posts Don’t you guys realize the country is divided over guns, abortion and penny loafers all the while an impeachment trial is taking place in the Senate. If Jack Potter designed the cues and spec’d them out then to me it is legit as calling it a Jack Potter cue...
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    Please return the Tascarella

    After 2 days of this thread, much weeping and gnashing of teeth. What day did Sureman receive his jackpot cue ? I know we are past day 2 at this point, but wow, panic at the disco.
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    2019 WPA World 9 Ball - Qatar

    Nice win for the youngster, wow.
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    Joe Rogan talks Balabushkas and Sugartrees

    No worries, I am 20 years your senior and have not watched The Hustler. I am waiting to watch it once I retire. Many on here who have seen the movie never worked another day in their lives and constantly stayed in the pool room. :dance::dance:
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    Mosconi Cup Day 4 - Lineup

    Play Shane or Skyler. Tired of seeing poor safeties with 8 or 9 balls on the table. Tired of seeing balls getting rolled in. It all comes down to the lag and breaking well. Go USA.
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    Need a ruling here, Bob J please chime in

    The pack Let it be known that from this day forward to freeze the cueball to a ball that is supported by the stack should be unsportsmanlike conduct. This rule shall apply even when shot is achieved using a legal stroke, but especially when shot is lucked or slopped into position. Rule will...