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  1. Celtic

    Bustamante vs Chohan-One Pocket Money Match-June 16-18th. Who do you guys like ?

    Would not affect me, I can miss on those tables equally as well.
  2. Celtic

    Alex vs Dennis?

    Uhh, yeah if that happens please come find me in the action room...
  3. Celtic

    Initial team usa squad is named for mosconi cup xxv

    The general musings on this thread seem to suggest Shane resigned from Mosconi Cup competition. I read the posting from SVB and he was 100% still willing to play in the Mosconi Cup and actually stated he hoped to still be included on the team, he was simply unwilling to do the "boot camp". And...
  4. Celtic

    Oscar Dominguez in UK tabloids, not good.

    Yeah, needing more rich people to throw into tournaments or tours is not a model for a successful business Justin. What pool needs is an actual effective marketing plan and business model that can make the sport generate income for "all" of the people invested in it. Pool is NEVER going to...
  5. Celtic

    Woodward Attitude?

    Nah, I gotta go with Marek on this one. Pro players almost exclusively use their own chalk when they shoot, they don't share it. There is no reason whatsoever for Corey's chalk to be on the table when Mika is shooting. If Corey wants to leave it on the rail while he is on his turn at the table...
  6. Celtic

    Is Shaw's game different?

    Jason Shaw is the closest thing the world has seen to the "next" Earl. Effectively a guy with a killer break, powerful stroke, insane accuracy, fearless attack at the table that simply overpowers his opponents, and the honest belief that he truly "is" better than everyone else and noone beats...
  7. Celtic

    Friday US Open 9-ball updates

    Thanks, got action in the nick of time. Aaaaand and now down 3-1 with Oi leading it looks like.
  8. Celtic

    Friday US Open 9-ball updates

    Has this Oi/Kaci match started yet? I need to know if/when to cancel my action offer
  9. Celtic

    the insanity emanating from this forum lately is mind boggling

    I have never played with a waffle but I have seen a few for sale around here. To anyone who has actually shot with a waffle before can you give your opinion on how they hit. Only respond if you have actually shot with one please. I had a guy who was trying to trade a waffle and offered up a...
  10. Celtic

    Historic Finals Today: Lee Van Corteza vs Thorsten Hohmann for the World 14.1 Title

    Dude screw off. It is one thing to call this the 14.1 world championships. It is another thing entirely to attempt to compare the results in your little event here with the one Mosconi played in and pretend anything anyone in your event does can match a Mosconi record.
  11. Celtic

    Must See - WPS 8B - Incredible Out by Chris Melling - VIDEO

    Seriously, that masse shot did not impress you? That shot was more insane than even the kick. He actually bent it around the second set of balls 5-6 feet away. The only way he makes that masse is to get the spin to catch really late. That shot was nuts. PS: Masse shots are not luck, they are...
  12. Celtic

    Thank you for helping me lose money!!

    Not anymore, he still knows how to move but he cannot pot balls like he once did and in 1-pocket you still need to be able to step up and make that 9-foot shot when you need to. Make no mistake though, Efren in his absolute prime in 1-pocket is better then the best today IMO. He moved like Alex...
  13. Celtic

    Thank you for helping me lose money!!

    Frost is not "that" aggressive, he is actually fairly controlled and his aggressive shots almost always have a strong component of cueball safety position. There is no way Frost shoots the banks Tony did at the same speed, he pocket weights almost every bank if/when he can while Tony even at 7-7...
  14. Celtic

    Tony Vs Dennis Chit Chat Thread

    WTG Tony, really happy he puled this off... at least once he passed the games on the wire betting line. ;-)
  15. Celtic

    Ronnie O'Sullivan 147

    Honestly, I am going with 3-cushion as the best cue sport ever. It is absolute simplicity to understand and yet unbelievably difficult to excel at. There is no cue sport that makes every single shot so exciting. It is unfortunate that the game is effectively completely underground and unknown...
  16. Celtic

    Tony Vs Dennis Chit Chat Thread

    Helfert ended my stream watching, luckily it will be Bartram getting the money and I got to watch him play some great pool over the years so I am OK with that.
  17. Celtic

    Tony Vs Dennis Chit Chat Thread

    Welp, Jay's Sesame Street BS "can we all count to 8 together" did me in. Done with it, will check on Friday night to see the end result and pay up.
  18. Celtic

    Tony Vs Dennis Chit Chat Thread

    Dennis is managing to lose my interest in this match fast. At 13-8 after 4 games won I was starting to get interested but then he just blew it and gave it all back and now it is just a blowout again. Dennis had Tony tensing up a bit when he went on the 4 game run and then he just let up and gave...
  19. Celtic

    Tony Vs Dennis Chit Chat Thread

    Yep, ok that makes more sense, I think I need a drink to clear out the cobwebs....
  20. Celtic

    Tony Vs Dennis Chit Chat Thread

    Yeah, at the end that makes sense, you spot the potted ball and one of your own. The tricky thing here is Tony was technically +1, so from there he could run 7 balls and win the game with 8 still on the table. Never seen that.