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  1. jrhendy

    The BEST One Pocket Event of the year.

    Justin is liable to beat anyone when he starts coming with the end rail banks. First time I have sweated his game this much and he is up there with the best when he’s on.
  2. jrhendy

    Bill Stroud pool stories................

    When Bill was getting back into the game and posting on one how good he was playing, I ran into him at Derby City and asked him to play. He told me he did not want to play other old players, he wanted to play good young players and told me he had a match set up with Jeremy Jones at...
  3. jrhendy

    Short Story of San Jose Dick McMorran

    I miss him too Lenny. We took a little trip before he past, and he made a great comment I still use today, after we both went off at Hard Times, Bellflower. ‘We turned into the kind of guys we used to go looking for’.
  4. jrhendy

    How to play: Golf?

    There are many different rules for golf all over the country. One thing I insist on when playing - The players object ball comes off the table on any foul while they are shooting and comes back up when it is his turn again. Here are some basic rules. Golf (billiards) From Wikipedia, the free...
  5. jrhendy

    Who was all in on the infamous dumping at Challenge of Champions 1991?

    Don Mackey had a lot to do with the split. I believe he convinced many of the top players they would all have a piece of the pie and it ended up in his pocket.
  6. jrhendy

    The Hunter sometimes is the Hunted....Anyone have a story about being hustled in a pool hall?

    Evidently that was a favorite trick of his to show off/scare people. I saw him do it at a place called Smitty’s when he got beat by one of the players called Long Beach (There were two or three). Charlie’s comment was ‘I can’t stand to see my $ go for booze’. This Long Beach was a heavy...
  7. jrhendy

    Mika Immonen / Oscar Dominguez Live Stream

    Oscar is looking for action per a post on Facebook yesterday. Has to be in Sacramento.
  8. jrhendy

    The Hunter sometimes is the Hunted....Anyone have a story about being hustled in a pool hall?

    1965/66 I was going to East Los Angeles College taking a couple night classes. After class I would hit a pool room or two. One night I went to Romeys at 4th and Main in downtown Los Angeles. Dean Chance, a baseball pitcher for the Angels was there with an older man who was barking at everyone...
  9. jrhendy

    Mika Immonen / Oscar Dominguez Live Stream

    Oscar grew up in CA. We just don’t play banks much here, and it is not like the Midwest or south. He banks pretty good for a CA boy, did you see the end of the set.
  10. jrhendy

    Mika vs Oscar One Hole

    Mika lost his cue ball quite a bit and it cost him. IMO both players were not at their best, but ball in hand quite a few times helps.
  11. jrhendy

    Mika Immonen / Oscar Dominguez Live Stream

    They were playing 2 out of three races to ten for 10k. Oscar won the first two, so no third set today. I did not respond to the other post because I do not know about Mika much since this is the first time he has been at Hard Times in a few years, and that was for tournaments. He was gambling...
  12. jrhendy

    Mika Immonen / Oscar Dominguez Live Stream

    Oscar wins 10/7.
  13. jrhendy

    Mika Immonen / Oscar Dominguez Live Stream

    Today at noon at Hard Times Billiards, Sacramento. One Pocket race to ten. Oscar won Friday 10/6. for free stream. Hard Times is not open, this is a private event, invitation only.
  14. jrhendy

    Have you any good stories about underworld characters you met in Pool Rooms?

    We used to leave the pool room and go play poker at my place. One of the regular big losers was Big George. He did not work and always had $. We were riding to the game in his car and I was riding in the back seat. There was a bag halfway under the seat and I took a look. There was a mask and a...
  15. jrhendy

    Coeur d Alene

    Is Black Diamond in Spokane closed? Around an hour away.
  16. jrhendy

    Who are the 'Old Schoolers' of AZ

    Old School I might be one of the oldest ‘Old Schoolers’ at 81 & a member since 2005, who is still in action and active in tournaments. My last gambling road trip was to Chicago a couple years ago. Not any more of these on the Horizon, but I did enjoy them. I am not currently playing due to the...
  17. jrhendy

    My Mea Culpa

    Thanks Jay, I knew a little about it, but know I know the rest of it. I owe Richie quite a bit myself. In 1960 this kid busted me at the Wonder Bowl in Anaheim. I went home busted to a pregnant wife and went out and got a job. Richie and I laughed about it almost 30 years later at Hard Times...
  18. jrhendy

    Interesting topic about Meucci Cues- Louie Roberts

    Back in the day, I heard Meucci was always good with the road players. When Ronnie Allen would come back from a road trip through the south to LA, he might have a few Meucci cues with him. He gave one to a guy that I played snooker with at Hollywood Billiards that was just a beautiful cue with...
  19. jrhendy

    Unplayed cues coming out of storage

    I have about 15 cues that were put in storage in cases over 20 years ago. Some are straight, some are not and the biggest problem on the butts is you can feel a ridge on the buttcap where the wood has moved/shrunk?. Some of the cues have a wobble that you can’t see rolling them, but is visible...