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  1. sunnyday

    Happy Birthday, CMBWSU

    Happy birthday, Bob :) S. G.
  2. sunnyday

    Why No ABP/Dragon Tournaments?

    Johnnyt, Me thinks reading between the line says all pro is everyone who "Pays" ABP Pro membership... Just a little twist to increase their membership. Or who knows, I could be just wrong. I have hard time reading English as it is anyway :grin-square: Sunny
  3. sunnyday

    Cyclop Ball Sets BCAPL Nationals

    Contact Mark Griffin We may still have tournament used set of balls for discounted rate. S. G.
  4. sunnyday

    Is Shane's Cuetec straight of the sales rack??

    Yes, Shane shoots with off the rack Cuetec. CSI (CueSports International) hired SVB to do free clinics for all members at this year's BCAPL National Championships. It was really fun and cool idea! Many people got to shooting tips and aiming tips straight from Shane and someone always asked if he...
  5. sunnyday

    Can you spare $5 to help a fellow pool player battle cancer?

    Thank you, everyone for your generosity! Most of you don't even know Janet, but I do. So let me share something about how wonderful of person she is. I first met her at one of the Regional Tour when I 'used' to play a lot! She was WPBA Pro and played in qualifiers too. I looked up to her...
  6. sunnyday

    Can you spare $5 to help a fellow pool player battle cancer?

    Just a little bump for a great cause! S. G.
  7. sunnyday

    Can you spare $5 to help a fellow pool player battle cancer?

    I just found out last night Janet Atwell is in a battle for her life from breast cancer, went through grueling Double Mastectomy and some lymph nodes removed in the process. When she recovers and gains some strength, she'll probably have to go through chemotherapy too...:( I know lately, AZ...
  8. sunnyday

    BB players Paid !

    Lenny, I did not give you cold shoulders OR I would not had talked to you about Rodney business in the first place! We chat very often on fb even after you joined BB, so I don't know what you mean that I gave you cold shoulder. The comment that I posted on your facebook picture, I meant every...
  9. sunnyday

    BB players Paid !

    I want to say first, that I wish sincerely for Bonus Ball to succeed and really turn into a solid and permanent league... For all it's player's sake. All the fiasco with the BB recently has I think honestly messed with too many players' head and for that, I feel for them. I think the...
  10. sunnyday

    BB players Paid !

    What did they do to Steve? Is this Stevie Moore you're talking about? S. G.
  11. sunnyday

    BCAPL Rio thing question

    You are correct :thumbup::thumbup: S. G.
  12. sunnyday

    BB Players Paid Yet?

    OK, I'll bite. Why do you all say Murdock guy is sly? What's the correlation? S. G.
  13. sunnyday

    OMGWTF -- you too can be a media star!

    Why do you let her blog bother you so much? It's her blog and she can write about anything she wants. And she does bring enjoyment to some people including myself and her writing style does not bother me. No one is forcing you to read it or like it. Obviously you do read her blog as it seems...
  14. sunnyday

    Justin Bergman is looking for action

    I don't think he's looking for that kind of action... Not just yet ;) S. G.
  15. sunnyday

    Voice Chat for AZ Billiards

    In that case, that's a relief. I never tried voice chat. S. G.
  16. sunnyday

    Voice Chat for AZ Billiards

    I'm afraid for voice chat... Considering some people already get very testy over certain subjects and even down right rude. At least, when you type, you have the choice to read it over, stew it, then post reply on a touchy subject. You can't really take back what you already said in a heated...
  17. sunnyday

    CSI's US Open One Pocket is full with waiting list!

    Several players signed up for US Open 10 Ball today and this one is getting close to being full. I believe there are about 5 spots remaining. S. G.
  18. sunnyday

    Mosconi Cup

    Yup, you're right... They all look the same to me, lol! They are both gold color and in very similar shape... and their name both starting with letter "M"... S. G.
  19. sunnyday

    Mosconi Cup

    It will be interesting to find out for sure. But I am sure Matchroom Sports are aware without rivalry competition becomes boring and will eventually lose it's buzz. (After all Mosconi Cup is geared toward TV - it must be exciting and non predictable) US has lost 2 consecutive years to my...
  20. sunnyday

    Mosconi Cup

    Well... unfortunately, when the Bonus Ball was formed over lapping on top of all the Mosconi Cups Points & BCA (Billiard Congress of America) Points events that made the points system impossible to be fair...:( How is that going to determine the best players in US when it is not possible for...