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  1. Bayawak

    cross-eyed pjayers

    I have a friend who is cross-eyed and he can shoot good pool!. He plays in the league and is ranked SL5. He is a solid player but I suspect that there are some players who resent his skill level. Imagine you're playing this cross-eyed dude, and he is beating the crap out of you...:p I'ts bad...
  2. Bayawak

    Cue Makers of Catholic Affiliation-

    Leonard Mallari, a well known cue maker in Maryland , D.C. , Virginia area is a Catholic. He might be able to help you out. He has made cues for most of the top Filipino players He does excellent work.
  3. Bayawak

    Who want's to play Shaw today?

    Tell him to go to the Philippines to play those young guns over there. They will be jumping on top of each other to get to him first. These guys don't know the meaning of the word "fear" when it comes to pool. They will eat Donnie Mills alive over there. Or Chezka might want to give him a...
  4. Bayawak

    Asian custom (and prod) cue makers list

    There is a prominent custom cue maker in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area. His name is Leonard Mallari of Mallari Cues. A lot of people swear by his products and services. He lives in Waldorf, MD.
  5. Bayawak

    Who Are The 2 Commentators On A-S Stream Now For Chezka Encore Match?

    Are they playing for money? Is it gonna be even action?
  6. Bayawak

    The 10 Pool Commandments

    Commandments HI Chris, Can you send me the pdf form and I'll try to have it printed. Thanks a lot!!!!
  7. Bayawak

    Chezka Centeno

    Congratulations Chezka on your victory. Vary impressive!
  8. Bayawak

    Chezka Centeno

    They are basically betting like they do when they bet on cockfights. The only thing missing on this young ladies game is her safety shots. She will be a very strong contender if and when she perfects her safety shots. She will get to that level eventually and when she does, look out world!
  9. Bayawak

    My Comeback After 18 years Of Not Touching Any Pool Stick

    Nice comeback Hey man, Playing pool is just like riding a bike. You never forget. It will come back faster than you think.
  10. Bayawak

    DCC Updates (random)

    DCC 1 Pocket Champ 2X Great shooting, Alex!!! Looks like you're the prime candidate for the Master of the Table:thumbup:
  11. Bayawak

    Congrats to Johann "Bubwit" Chua

    You're just sore because van boening lost again, and to an unknown kid to boot. This kid had been beating Efren and most of the monsters back in the PI. And you're a sour grape. I like van boening too but don't expect him to win everything.
  12. Bayawak

    Ronato Alcano

    Kudos to "Calamba Alcano" for placing second in the 2015 All Japan Open. People were wondering if you still play in tournaments. It's very seldom that we hear about you this day. The all Filipino Finals was something to watch.
  13. Bayawak

    48th All Japan 2015 (11-15Nov2015) (10ball) Amagasaki, Japan

    He's not good enough to beat those guys. Plus the don't care about his reputation.
  14. Bayawak

    Congrats to Johann "Bubwit" Chua

    Congratulations to Bubwit for winning the All Japan Open!! You are the best by far.
  15. Bayawak

    48th All Japan 2015 (11-15Nov2015) (10ball) Amagasaki, Japan

    Bubwit Chua Damn dude, you're really upset about your boy not winning. Did you really think that Bubwit would let him win.? The fact of the matter is the better player won. He kicked van boening's ass across the table. So just shut up and stop *****ing. It's over and done with!!!
  16. Bayawak

    Taiwanese are best rotation players on the planet

    best ever line!!!!
  17. Bayawak

    Happy Birthday Efren!!!

    Happy birthday, Pare You're still the one to beat after all these years, Pare. Happy birthday and may you win more tournaments. As they say in the PI., "kalabaw lang ang tumatanda"!
  18. Bayawak

    Congrats efren 1 pocket champ

    Congratulations Pare! It's apparent that you can still win when you want to win. "Walang kupas ang iyong galing!!!" The best of the very best, we salute you, Pareng Efren!!
  19. Bayawak

    When is a Foul a Foul?

    Foul? I guess we can sum it up with this old saying: You snooze you lose!!:mad::rolleyes:
  20. Bayawak

    Dinner with Efren

    Exotic comfort food for Efren Look Bballed, you gotta have an acquired taste for those exotic comfort food! Nowadays people flock to get some "pho" from the Viets places. You gotta admit they taste great!! I bet ya you'll love eating "dinuguan" after a few tries!:thumbup::p