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    WTB Black Boar Ferruleless shaft

    Tony and Donnie will make one up for $500 . I live overseas and had one delivered last year to someone who bought one of my older Boars it took about 1 month to complete. Unfortunately I never saw the shaft to hit with and they also made the shaft without seeing the butt. However, I heard that...
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    Tad Contact Details

    Thanks for your help guys have a good one
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    Tad Contact Details

    Hello I know I have seen them here somewhere but cannot seem to find the post. Does anyone have Tad cue contact details - an email address would be great. cheers
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    Handicaps and your perspectives

    Thank you that is a very refreshing story and I wish it could become more prevalent.
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    Handicaps and your perspectives

    That's a strange answer, which doesn't approach my question from a holistic perspective.
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    Handicaps and your perspectives

    OK I agree the boxing comparison wasn't the best. But I am only speaking about amateurs and can understand your viewpoint on pros entering. However, to get good I played in many tournaments and was beaten week after weekend thus threw money away but this gave me the positive drive to improve to...
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    Handicaps and your perspectives

    I personally do not like HandiCap events. However, these types of events seem to be more prevalent than non-handicaps for an amateur player. Thus, I often compete in them to get the practice and to be involved socially.. I am not a top Handicap player in the events that I enter, however I am...
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    What players cues would you own?

    TAD Black Boar Tascarella
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    Mistake,could have killed me last night

    I have spent most of my life playing in Australia, the Far East and Europe where we don't have the same types of race and gun issues. I have spent the last hour reading this thread and it has been a real eye opener. Words cannot express the range of emotions such as excitement, disappointment...
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    Not sure what to think here...

    this is also the correct route. if i have requested cue work I will meet the cue maker etc in a neutral place.
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    Not sure what to think here...

    this is the only question that needs to be highlighted in this thread :)
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    Cue Tips, Non Layered Vs Layered

    I have personally found that the shaft has a lot of influence in the way a layered or normal tip plays. For example, I used to have a Predator shaft that I found played with too much reaction regardless of the layered tips that i found and I tried everything on the market at the time. Thus, I...
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    Installing a wrap on a Sugartree sneaky??

    Excellent glad I could help mate :) cheers
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    Installing a wrap on a Sugartree sneaky??

    If it ain't broke don't fix it. I wouldn't alter that cue in a million years. If it is not perfect for what you are looking for don't buy it. If you put a linen wrap on the cue you will alter the way in which it was originally designed to play in terms of weight etc, although minimal it will...
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    Learn to bank?

    very good.....................................
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    Favorite matches on YouTube

    This is my favorite match with Keith Mccreedy and Earl This match I watch over and over again there is a lot to learn in this game from many aspects.
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    John Barton (JB Cases)

    I and a friend sent two emails in November 2012 outlining works for new custom design cases as we wanted to try JB cases out. The combined order would have been over $1000+. At the same time I also contacted Whitten with similar specifications. Joe emailed me back within 2 hours and my new...
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    What massively improved your game?

    playing regular small money games against better players was the main factor in seeing a major improvement in concentration, consistency and composure. Of course a lot of daily solo practice in between - eg, practicing line up routines and experimenting with side and angles was also required..
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    F/S Blackboar AS-10 Sample display

    I would buy it if you put it together for me. If not, I agree for a real BB collector this would be a great addition.
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    WTB Black Boar shaft.Must have proof it's a BB

    I don't understand why he wouldn't make you a shaft. I just rang up and spoke to him and Donnie only a few months ago and there was no problem. Is you cue a Black Boar? If it wasn't and he needed to fit it to a different cue-makers cue or use a different joint then I can understand. But if...