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    Pacific Northwest

    Can't tell in the pictures - are they 9ft? Just moved into a new house and trying to make room for a table in the garage, but still not sure of the layout. Do you come through the PDX metro area often?
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    Robin Dreyer, pool instructor in Portland, Or. ICA projector genius

    @Bobkitty would you mind DM'ing me his contact info? Interested in setting something up with him. Can't find anything online - his website doesn't work anymore.
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    GO Customs 5/16 14 Carbon Fiber Break Shaft

    I'm not familiar with the United joint. Will this mate to a butt that has a 5/16 - 14 piloted joint? Thinking about Adams/Joss etc?
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    Stolen Cues

    Just had a couple cues ripped off while at school yesterday. An Adam/Balabushka GB-1, Predator BK2 wrapless, and this: I'm in the Portland, OR area if anyone sees this. Thanks.
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    Meucci HOF?

    It indeed is a Patriot Series. And indeed Patriot-4 to be exact. I got confirmation directly from Meucci. Supposedly, retail was around $475. I still haven't found pictures after learning this. So, if retail was around $475 in the 2000's, what should I expect to pay now? It's probably 9-9.5/10...
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    Meucci HOF?

    Thanks for the leads and tips, folks!
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    Meucci HOF?

    Hey guys, I need some guidance here. I'm looking to buy this cue from a friend and not sure how much it's worth. I'm pretty sure this was a HOF series from early to mid-2000's. I don't think this exact model is in the Blue Book, but maybe one from the same series is. I'd appreciate some help...
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    Oregon Players

    I think they took out the snooker table a while back? I heard they rearranged some stuff recently, so I could be mistaken. I usually shoot at Touche. Play league out of there. Hot Shots on the westside is my "home court" if you will. Can't stand the owner, but close to home.
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    Chris just finished 7th at Junior Nationals. Not bad... As far as other top players, consider also that there are many that don't enter tournaments or even play anyplace else besides their garages or podunk pool halls. Cedric Sloan and Randy Smith come to mind.