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    Building a Brunswick GC4 Head Apron from scratch :)

    Is there anywhere to buy specs/blueprints for gc1 aprons? Would like to take a shot at making my own set?
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    Went to a remodeled pool hall today, 13.50 per hour?

    Racktime in Toledo, Ohio. Last time I was there was last month and that was the hourly rate per table. Don't know if it's changed or not as it seems like the price of everything is going up.
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    Went to a remodeled pool hall today, 13.50 per hour?

    The nearest pool hall to me still only charges 5$ an hour and they have 19 diamonds...I don't go often....its a bit far away from me but when I do go I would gladly pay 2 or 3 times the price they charge to play. The equipment is well kept, the atmosphere is good and beer is cold. I go out of my...
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    Billy Thorpe gone wild!

    Seems Billy had a problem with the racks in a money game and got into a fight with Rob Saez Link:
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    Sold 7ft diamond

    1 piece or 3 piece?
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    Blue gold crown 1

    If you are going to seriously part it out send me a p.m. i might be interested in a few things depending on the circumstances.
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    Pool glove for a child?

    My son is seven and getting very interested in pool. He sees me with a glove and wants his own. I'm having a hard time locating something that will fit him. Any suggestions? His hands are super small btw.
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    9 ball with bowling style scoring....

    Ok just played this for the first time and got a 165...i was shooting at least a level over my normal speed though. Started off spare, strike, strike, then spare certainly helped.
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    Gold Crown Barn Find

    Can you explain the process you used to prepare everything to be ready to paint? I imagine you sanded everything down. What grit did you use? Thanks for everything.
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    PNS Glove Review

    I haven't had any trouble using a closed bridge with this glove at all, sorry you had trouble. The seams are a bit thick which is strange because when these gloves are ready to be retired, it's because a seam ripped on the glove somewhere. The velcro fastener is just for looks with no...
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    Final Eight Left Standing at Joss Tour $25,000-added Turning Stone

    Thanks for the write ups JAM. Very nice background on these players. I'm super excited to see who comes out on top.
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    Thinking about a Mezz Cue

    Just got my first mezz a couple weeks ago. An ec7 with a wx700 and a regular maple shaft as a backup. Upgraded to a leather wrap on the cue as well. The look to this cue rivals some custom cues that i have seen. It has a United joint that as many others have said is super tight. I still...
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    Brunswick anniversary build

    GTFO!! Beautiful table as always Mark. This level of craftsmanship isn't seen much anymore. That table will be admired for decades to come.
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    Please look at picture and advise on what to do

    Please don't jack up your table to try and remove them...most likely nothing will go wrong but if something does go wrong it will be expensive( broken slate). If you feel you have to take them off, take the table apart and then hire a qualified mechanic to set it back up.
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    $500 gold crown in the Milwaukee/Madison WI area...

    Looks like a 9' gold crown 2 in pretty good condition..2 hours north of Chicago. Would be a pretty sweet table.
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    Alternatives to paypal?

    Thanks, I decided to walk away from it after giving him a couple different ways to go about it. The cue was a real deal at the price he wanted, which also made me weary. 9 out of 10 times both parties do their part, but i don't want to be the one that gets involved in a bad transaction.
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    Alternatives to paypal?

    Yeah the problem is he has no paypal account so im trying to get him money but i want to make sure I'm protected also.
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    Alternatives to paypal?

    Yeah unfortunately doesn't take credit cards either.
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    Alternatives to paypal?

    Is there another way to send money for a cue and still have protection in case the cue isn't shipped or some other problem arises?
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    Where to play in Cincinnati

    Yeah seems like every time i go there, they have at least a one pocket game going. Seemed as if the players were of quite a few different skill levels.