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  1. Oikawa

    Measure Eleventy Times

    My favourite is to visualize the CB path, then ask my subconscious to aim for the OB to go into the pocket by standing wherever the CB-OB relationship feels right, and trust that. Kind of a small, quick snappy motion with the upper body/head, with the end result being the correct line. Or in...
  2. Oikawa

    Is your best game one you actually don't prefer?

    I'd say my biggest strength is 9-ball, simply because I've played it the most and therefore have the most experience with it. But one pocket and pretty much all speciality games are my favourite to play (banks, carom games, pretty much any custom games made up on the spot). Variety is key. For...
  3. Oikawa

    Wanting to speed up my game, what to focus on?

    I do get available options intuitively very fast, but the issue is selecting the best one among them. Often the best general idea is clear in a second, but selecting the nuances to maximize the percentages of running out takes that extra 5 seconds. Sure, I could just not care about those...
  4. Oikawa

    Wanting to speed up my game, what to focus on?

    This is what I suspect as well. I just don't know how to speed it up without compromising the level of play, if, for example, I try to just go with the instinct in 3-4 seconds max, I simply pick weaker shots/patterns, and end up with suboptimal percentages.
  5. Oikawa

    Wanting to speed up my game, what to focus on?

    This is the goal. I just don't know how to get there, since no matter how fast I play in practice, it feels like my speed in competitions naturally ends up being as fast as I can make it without playing worse. Will think about it, thanks.
  6. Oikawa

    Wanting to speed up my game, what to focus on?

    The way I see my speed is that, the easiest shots take too long on average. Taking more time on tricky shots is fine, but spending a minimum of 15 seconds on even the easiest of shots (ignoring absolute no-brainers e.g. 9-ball hanging in the pocket with CB next to it) adds up in the long run. I...
  7. Oikawa

    Wanting to speed up my game, what to focus on?

    I often do this type of open-rack shooting with a faster PSR tempo near the start of my practice routines, but it doesn't really translate over to real games. There's no penalty for failing, there's no intricate positional play to consider, and you get to stay in that fast rhythm with no pauses...
  8. Oikawa

    Wanting to speed up my game, what to focus on?

    (Everything mentioned in this post is about 9-ball or 10-ball) Alright so, I have played for 3-4 years and am a relatively slow player, around 600-650 fargo, have already sped up my game somewhat just by gaining more experience and confidence, but I still feel like speeding up a bit would...
  9. Oikawa

    What's your estimated fargo rating if you beat 9 ball ghost more often than not?

    I don't have a fargo, but I'd guess it was somewhere between 600 and 650. I can beat 650-700s in semi-long races (e.g. 9-ball to 7 wins) quite often, even though I lose the majority of the time, whereas I win against 550-600s more often than not. In 9-ball, I have ran a 6-pack once (in...
  10. Oikawa

    Pool? If you can only play one game?

    One pocket rotation. 15 balls in order, all in the same pocket. Would be something to do for the rest of my life trying to run out even once.
  11. Oikawa

    Using the chin as an alignment fine-tuning tool

    This thread is not about aiming in the sense of picking the correct cut angle, but about alignment; I will share a method I use for accurately fine-tuning the cue angle to point towards wherever I want the CB to go at. So, you can use this no matter if you use some aiming system or not, it...
  12. Oikawa

    Can't do a draw shot to save my life

    The better your fundamentals are, the easier it is to control power shots. Work on the most fundamental things (stability, stance, stroke, alignment, repeatibility, etc.) your draw will improve too as a byproduct.
  13. Oikawa

    2024 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    Did a 41 yesterday, that's my new record. Ended up missing with the CB being frozen to another ball and being jacked up in an uncomfortable position due to that, those are very tough for me, gotta practice them more.
  14. Oikawa

    Simple aiming system cont...

    If I understood your explanation properly, it would not be mathemathically correct. Correct me if I got it wrong, but given your instructions, wouldn't I aim this shot into the orange line, causing the OB to go way off towards the red arrow instead of the pocket? For reference, this is what...
  15. Oikawa

    Contact Point Aiming Illusion

    Yep, the best aiming system is having rock-solid fundamentals, getting reps in and trusting your instincts when it comes to aiming. The most common scenario where people don't trust their aiming instincts is when their fundamentals are wack, causing them to miss many shots because of not...
  16. Oikawa

    Contact Point Aiming Illusion

    Yeah, anyone with half a brain realizes that if what is being kept as a secret was exceptionally useful, it would be out there already in some form. Aiming sticks to balls that hit other balls isn't rocket science. People keep re-inventing the same ideas and techniques over and over, with...
  17. Oikawa

    9-ball rule question about purposefully shooting OB(s) off the table

    Yes, he hit the CB with the cue properly. It was just at break speed with moderate elevation, which pretty much guarantees some balls to fly off.
  18. Oikawa

    9-ball rule question about purposefully shooting OB(s) off the table

    I was playing a match, had my opponent on 1 foul, and played a lock-up safety with no realistic path to hit the next ball, so he would be looking at an almost certain 2 fouls after his shot. There were 8 balls left on the table. Instead of trying to hit the OB, or even doing a "normal"...
  19. Oikawa

    2024 World Pool Championship

    I know some 700-800 fargo players who sometimes do it for smaller non-professional events within the 500€-3000€ range of price money for the winner. But yeah, no idea about this case at all, and no idea if that happens/how much it happens in larger events with 5k+ or 10k+ price for the winner.
  20. Oikawa

    2024 World Pool Championship

    I predict Kaci will win 15-8