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    What makes a great jump cue great?

    I want to make a jump cue. I would like to hear some opinions before I start the build. I will be using a carbon fiber shaft.
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    WTB - 5/16 x 14 Shafts

    I have a New never opened, sealed!12.5 Cuetec Cynergy.
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    Predator BK break cue shaft it cue.

    Its a friend of mine. I can ask. Do you have an offer on mind?
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    Predator BK break cue shaft it cue.

    Looking to buy a replacement Predator BK break shaft.
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    Taper machine

    Great info. Thanks
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    Taper machine

    What is the best taper machine. I have looked into a few like mid-america, unique inc., and cue smith. Is there a top choice?
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    Whyte shafts?

    Are the white colored shafts made by actually made from white carbon fiber or is it a white coating?
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    Carbon fiber break shaft?

    I want to make a shaft that has a lot of pop. Just seeing if there is a certain type of materials, weight and balance that make a great breaker.
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    Carbon fiber break shaft?

    What makes a great carbon fiber break shaft?What materials and where should the balance point be?
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    Hard tips on Carbon Fiber shafts

    I have used a hard milkdud on a few different carbon fiber shafts and it is something special. The spin is unbelievable.
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    Revo weight bolt?

    How many ounces is the weight bolt and how far back is it set from the tip on a Revo shaft?
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    ob shaft

    I have one. It is a great shaft. Very low deflection. I like the hit with a milkdud tip. In my opinion it is better than a regular keilwood shaft
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    Laminated tip glue?

    I am still in the early stages. I did order some un-dyed leather, I haven't tried any yet. Hope to this week.
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    Laminated tip glue?

    Great info. I will give it a try. Thanks
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    Laminated tip glue?

    What is the best glue for making multi-layered leather tips?
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    Removing Cigarette Smoke Smell From Leather Wrap?
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    Pressing multiple cue tips?

    I want to press 5 to 10 tips all at once keeping a smooth 14mm diameter. I don't want to just mash them in a vice. I would like them to still be round. What is the best way to do this?
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    Top Pros with the worst fundamentals?

    Just wondering which top level professional pool players have poor fundamentals.