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  1. cubc


    No trade offers yet you fail to list a price. Cool. :) It is a very nice cue!
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    Logo design challenge

    The image above has been updated.
  3. cubc

    Logo design challenge

    I had this idea for a logo icon. With two Ds in your name I was thinking about D with a superscript 2. Then shooting a cue through the D and making the superscript 2 a ball. This is just a first pass,
  4. cubc

    Bobby Hunter & Mint condition X-breaker 2nd gen samsara for sale in Vegas@APA - low$

    Last bump. I'll be in Vegas after tonight and once I return it'll no longer be for sale so pm me quickly if interested. Thanks.
  5. cubc

    Bobby Hunter & Mint condition X-breaker 2nd gen samsara for sale in Vegas@APA - low$

    There is no weight bolt inside, however it is threaded for one. To respond to a common question.. I'm only selling these cues in person while in Vegas so if you're not going to be there then this isn't for you :) Thanks!
  6. cubc

    Bobby Hunter & Mint condition X-breaker 2nd gen samsara for sale in Vegas@APA - low$

    Will check when I get home. I'm unsure as I left the weight alone.
  7. cubc

    Bobby Hunter & Mint condition X-breaker 2nd gen samsara for sale in Vegas@APA - low$

    Bobby Hunter & Mint condition X-breaker 2nd gen samsara for sale in Vegas@APA - low$ (Pics below text) Bobby Hunter 18.5oz Leather wrap by Steve Lomax Kamui tip 2 shafts - $sold X-Breaker 2nd Gen Samsara Purchased as a backup break-cue (I love x-breakers) Golden Oak Broke with few times...
  8. cubc

    hunter ebony and ivory

    I must say I am impressed that after nearly a year of trying to sell it you've still not dropped the price at all.
  9. cubc

    U.S. Amateur Preliminaries This Weekend

    The masters team I'm on won and got to go to vegas recently and when we came back we started preparing to play the qualifier for Florida. Three of us played at one location while the last member went to another city so hopefully we all could qualify. I went undefeated to qualify, another team...
  10. cubc

    Places to Play in VA, NC, SC, GA, FL

    Randolph's Billiards in Hickory, NC will have all the action you could ever want. They'll line up.
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    APA Vegas is a joke

    Yea he took the pattern that I used that would work fine on a normal table and showed me an alternate pattern that would basically change the angles down to 10 degree cuts so I could fire a ball in at such a speed there's really no chance for it to roll off. And on a slight back cut I had that I...
  12. cubc

    APA Vegas is a joke

    We got 4700 / 4 so 1175 each. For airfare direct (no layovers which cost about 125 extra) both ways and hotel from Saturday - Friday came to 703.00 which left 472.00 extra. Not bad for 180.00 investment regardless of how bad the tables were or if the roof fell in from rain (which was hilarious) :D.
  13. cubc

    APA Vegas is a joke

    I was out in vegas with our masters team and to those people saying "they played on the same equipment too" as if you just got outplayed instead of phuct by equipment then you're just being stupid. It's not like they have the exact same run outs as you and the same shots and same situations...
  14. cubc

    Table cloth questions

    haha I see :p I couldn't find any information about it either. I went nuts for a bit before switching my cloth back to 860 regular reading everything I could find, but I didn't find anything about the differences other than durability. And in going nuts I mean I thought about humidity, I even...
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    Table cloth questions

    The first and only time is redundant. Do you play at a lot of different pool halls? Are you aware of what cloth they use? Do you use a lot of english to navigate the table? If you only play at one pool hall or on your own table then you wont notice a difference because you adjust automatically...
  16. cubc

    Three shot, one dead, at Arlington pool hall

    bowling: golf...
  17. cubc

    Table cloth questions

    I personally don't like how 860HR plays. In 2 months I swapped it out for 860 regular. The cue ball squirts more on HR.. so when I went to a pool hall that used 860 regular i was allowing for more squirt automatically which didn't happen and it caused me to keep hitting balls right into a rail...
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    Has Your Filipino or Overseas Cue Stayed Straight?

    Yea mine arrived the same day he passed. That was the shortest lifetime guarantee I've ever had. I actually logged in the day after to give an initial review of it for others and saw he passed the night before. That was just sad. I'll never sell it either. Its the one on the bottom.. gets more...
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    >>>>>>F.S. Sugartree Lucifer Cue- Unbelievable!!<<<<<<

    can you post a picture of the entire cue instead of piece by piece please. Thanks!