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    MOSCONI CUP 2023 AZB Watch Party / Master Thread

    i wonder if shane having to play with his hearing aides on is part of the reason for his bad mc performance of course that wouldn’t explain his solo performance but perhaps once you’re already down on yourself, it’s tough to get back up
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    MOSCONI CUP 2023 AZB Watch Party / Master Thread

    skyler is a great example of the relationship between arousal & performance
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    Best one hour practice I have had in my 5.5 year career

    John’s got a nice channel, and he seems like a nice guy too
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    Tip Choice-does it matter??? What does Efren use?

    Funny we should find ourselves here. Diesel, how do you know that Shane uses those?
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    World Pool Masters 2023 (10-13 May), nineball, Essex UK, Winner $40K

    Wow, the last time i was watching the kaci match he missed the open 8 and was down I think 0-6
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    Mika V De Luna Controversy....

    yes, it has already been confirmed that de luna is the shark fedor was referring to
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    2023 DCC Big Foot Players List

    Holy Who is that?
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    Is the 2023 Derby City Classic 9 Ball going to be viewed as a tainted win?

    Off topic but does anyone know if there is a vlog floating around of the DCC from previous years? I'd like to attend someday but for now will settle for living vicariously
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    Joe Rogan / Fedor Gorst

    Great sportsmanship!
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    Joe Rogan / Fedor Gorst

    Is that the shark he’s talking about? I was hoping someone would know
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    Rubbing the cue against your chest while down aiming/stroking

    He’s definitely correct there. Any stroke/stance advice I’ve ever gotten has been from snooker instructional videos
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    Rubbing the cue against your chest while down aiming/stroking

    I do. Popular amongst snooker players
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    Fast and loose 5-pack 10-ball

    I enjoyed this! I will look out for more from you
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    i filmed myself shooting. I Dont like what I see

    That little creep to have a controlled beginning is SUPER helpful on tougher shots. You’ll see SVB doing it on certain shots, but it’s subtle. Also, OP, your question of whether you should have your cue against your body as guide: I know snooker players advocate for that, but after trying it...
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    Oh no shit might have to stop by. Thanks!
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    Should the elbow of the bridge hand ever rest on the table or rail?

    Hunter Lombardo specifically advocated for that when he was giving Rollie Williams lessons in preparation for the US open. Make of it what you will
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    Which Raxx are we talking about?
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    Mosconi cup

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    Mosconi cup

    Filler just won’t be affected by the pressure. Such a good player. With that said, let’s go Styer