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    J Flowers

    Saber 2 19 once, 12.5 mm Kamui athlete tip. 58”. Has the 8” extension included. They say leather wrap as I don’t know. Straight all over. Unreal how good this cue hits. Hits a ton. Have $518 in it. Will take $400 shipped to states.
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    AMS custom cue

    AMS- Alan Smith custom cue. 19 once, 12.4 mm Kamui soft. 3/8x10 pin. A tad over 60”. Straight all over. Very nice solid hitting cue. $475 shipped to states.
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    Cue tip glue

    I don’t know why but as you said if cue hits a hard floor flat off goes the tip
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    Cue tip glue

    I have no dog in the race but just wanted to share my experience with these frustrating CA glues. Most are already dried up or near that stage and what little use you get from them is fight the clogged nozzle if you can get the cap back off. IMO this Mercury adhesive eliminates most or all of...
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    Cue tip glue

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    Cue tip glue

    When I talked to them on the phone and mentioned loctite their quick response was that’s China made and won’t ever be fresh. I may give them another call fist to confirm. You will really like the lid deal.
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    Cue tip glue

    I’ve tried lots of different brands of tip glues. IMO none compares to Mercury and it won’t be dried up in a short time. Check out their lid. It has a metal insert in it that sticks through the spout therefore seals to protect from dry up and also isn’t stopped up every time you need to use it...
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    Recloth diamond table in southern Ky.

    Anyone to Recloth a diamond 8 foot blue label in southern Ky area. Maybe rails too. I want it done the Simonis Diamond method.
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    Rail cushion

    Will the Artemis that comes standard on a Diamond 9 foot table fit the sub rails of a 8 foot Diamond without modifications in which I know the 8 foot comes std. with dia black?
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    Revo shafts

    Any slightly used revo’s with white sight plate 30 or 31” with radial and 3/8x10 joints.
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    Fedors butt wrap material

    Does anyone know what it is exactly? I’m assuming it’s somewhat different than what Earl uses.
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    Sold SMO carbon shaft

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    Sold SMO carbon shaft

    Reduced $295 shipped
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    Sold SMO carbon shaft

    You won’t be disappointed in this shafts play. I’ve gotta have longer cues.
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    Sold SMO carbon shaft

    This shaft hits as good or better than any I’ve shot with but to short as I’m tall. It’s 29” with radial joint 12.5 mm tip. Look at the deflection test on web. $315 shipped to lower 48
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    Dime Radius or Nickel Radius?

    My favorite penny
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    Pressing cue tips

    I saw on this site where someone said they compressed their layered tips from 8mm to 6mm. So it got my curiosity up. Went back trying to find that thread but couldn’t. As many are just curious not that I intended to do anything.