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    How many Cues do you own today

    Update: Playing Cues: - Pool League. I don't know anything about the manufacturer, it's the name written on the sign, but I love it because it was my first cue. I will be grateful if anyone knows anything about it. - Balabushka GB-5. A 90's piece made by Adam. It has some "war marks" from...
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    Predator C4 ando C4+ differences?

    Hi, I really want to know about the differences about the C4 and the news C4+. Sound, weight, benefits...of if it's only marketing. Thanks a lot
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    What are your opinion about Predator limited cues with longoni and pechauer desings?

    Hi, I'd like yo know what do you think about the limited special edition cues that were made by predator some years ago with designs by Pechauer and Longoni. Thanks. (You can see that cues in the predator website ok retired cues as special edition or límites edition)
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    Someone knowns Infinity carbon shaft?

    Yes, that is the shaft I saw @garczar. I'm not sure if they are an assembler. This is the Facebook Page but i can see nothing clear about the creation process. They said that they give warranty for life with the shaft.
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    How diferenciate 5/16 x18 5/16 x14 joints

    Thanks a lot. I see that it's verty difficult to difrerenciate sometimes
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    How diferenciate 5/16 x18 5/16 x14 joints

    Hi, I wanna ask how could I diferenciate this two joints. When I see pics on internet I can appreciate witch is one. I know that this is maybe a dumb question. Thanks a lot.
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    How many Cues do you own today

    Tengo tres tacos por mi cuenta. - Liga de Pool. No sé nada sobre el fabricante, es el nombre escrito en la señal, pero me encanta porque fue mi primera señal. Estaré agradecido si alguien sabe algo al respecto. - Buffalo Premium No.3 (fabricado por Adam) - Balabushka GB-5. Una pieza de los años...
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    New Here? - Introduce Yourself

    Hi, my name is Soma. I played pool some years ago when I was young and now I'm back. I really love this game.
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    Someone knowns Infinity carbon shaft?

    Hi, everyone. First of all, sorry for my english. I'm new here and I was registered cause I can't find information about the mentioned shaft on the post title. It's seems that the it is manufacturated in Spain but I only can find a teaser presentation video on youtube and another on facebook...