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    Playing sober, can’t do it

    Great thread. I have some issues myself. It started as kind of a joke with my teammates claiming I played better after some Tequila, affectionately known as “ stroke lube”. Then, in playoffs and more serious and important matches I would not drink until after the first match. I would tell my...
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    Falcon butt

    PM sent
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    Starkey butterfly

    That is pretty cool. Wood Pin? What size?
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    Falcon butt

    Is the forearm just plain black? Is that mark in Buttsleeve the only blemish?
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    Falcon butt

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    What weight are you using for your playing cue on 9ft tables?

    Great thread. I play on variety of tables and it is definitely more about the cushions and cloth than the size Angle Speed and Spin is where it is at for sure Just a little more angle and spin on those slow tables goes a long way. But, I have actually contemplated trying a heavier cue on two...
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    CF shafts cold temperatures

    I remember back when my daughter played softball, those high dollar composite bats had disclaimers about using them in cold weather. They actually “ broke “ one once. Coach not happy.
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    Pete Tonkin Cue

    Gorgeous. That Curly is awesome. PM Sent
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    Falcon butt

    PM sent last night. I am interested. Wish I could see it closer. How is the finish?
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    Falcon butt

    Wow. I have plenty of shafts that fit, and a cf ordered. Maybe????
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    Sold Jerico (Jerry Powers) True Sneaky Pete

    Hey. That is a nice Cue! I have had 3-4 myself. I still have that Jerico 16th Anneversary Stinger I got from you. GLWS
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    Sold Rusty Melton 2x4 Envelope Case.

    Yes. Very nice. I have one very similar.
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    Sold COOS CUES Wrapless

    Cool looking Cue. Msg Sent
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    Sold SOLD!!!!!!!! Dan Prather Player w/ 2 shafts NEW OB

    Micarta sounds good too. Regret trading one of my old cues that had Micarta Furrules
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    Sold OB+Classic Shaft with free PHILLIPPI CUE !!!

    Okay. I will take it. PM Sent
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    Sold OB+Classic Shaft with free PHILLIPPI CUE !!!

    Sounds Good. I will take it.
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    Sold Roger Pettit Titlist for sale

    Still Available? Price?
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    Sold OB+Classic Shaft with free PHILLIPPI CUE !!!

    What is the new Price Drop? I am interested. I sold my OB Classic and regretted it. I like Phillipi cues as well
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    Sold Mike Webb 6pt Amboyna

    That is Gorgeous. I have more than one shaft that would look and play great on that cue!
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    New 4 bridged points Cohen cue!

    Such an awesome cue. Looks like one I tried to win in a FB Razzle last week!