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  1. br8knrun52

    FS - Scot Sherbine SP

    PM sent..... Rob
  2. br8knrun52

    FS - Scot Sherbine SP

    Hey Koop, Does his Sneaky Petes have a thin butt? I have to talk w/ the wife first:eek: about this and I'll get back to you. Are you willing to take any trades? Rob
  3. br8knrun52

    Searching for October 2005 Issue of InsidePOOL Magazine Wanted

    Here's a link to his site: Rob
  4. br8knrun52

    DP Dale Perry Cues

    I love my DP2. Nice stiff hitting cue. I don't have any major issues w/ mine so far...knock on wood :) Rob
  5. br8knrun52

    2 cues F/S-Krick, Sherbine

    I'm interested in the Sherbine JUST in case jjollie doesn't take it..hint..hint.. :D Rob
  6. br8knrun52

    6 year old needs your prayers please

    Hello Mike, Myself being a father of a 5 yr. old, 1 yr. old, and one more on the way...your nephew will be in our prayers. Please keep in touch and God bless. Rob
  7. br8knrun52

    Results for Blaze 9-Ball Tour (NJ)

    Does anyone know the results for the past two weekends? The main page hasn't been updated as of yet. Thanks in advance. Rob
  8. br8knrun52

    275+ DVDs

    Hello, Please email me a list to - thanks. Rob
  9. br8knrun52

    Anybody play Harrigan (AKA Pill Pool)?

    I used to play with the full rack (15 balls). Like Nibrobus said, you may lose 6 straight then win one and you're even. It IS VERY addicting! Njhuster1, where in NJ do you shoot? Rob
  10. br8knrun52

    Update: Joss Event at Ultimate Billiards

    Hey JAM, I think Mhet shoots out of Master's in Queens, NY. I spoke with him at Master's during a Tri-State Tour. Really nice guy and also good friends w/ the Filipino Contingent. Good luck to him. Rob
  11. br8knrun52

    Need a name...

    How about "Railtesters" :D ...just my 2 cents. Rob
  12. br8knrun52

    3 Amigo's (Titlist's For Sale)

    What are your asking prices? Thanks. Rob
  13. br8knrun52

    Schon Cues

    Here's some pics of my Schon that I recently sold :( . It was made 1995. Sorry for the crappy pics: Rob
  14. br8knrun52

    Jim Murnak Case winners how about an update.

    Jim, I'd just like to add a question. Does the case only come with the 2 straps or can they come with a single strap? Thanks. Rob
  15. br8knrun52

    Jude - Where is your name?

    Don't worry...I'll PM ya :D
  16. br8knrun52

    Jude - Where is your name?

    Hey Jude, Off topic but I was wondering if you're going to the Tri-State at Master's (I think in Queens) next Sunday? It'll be be cool meeting a fellow AZB'er. Thanks. Rob
  17. br8knrun52

    And the winners of the free cases are:

    Congrats to the winners!!! I won a case at a transferable discounted price!!! I'm taking advantage of this :D Rob
  18. br8knrun52

    message for azers.....

    May he rest in peace. My condolences to his family.
  19. br8knrun52

    additions to the case give away.

    Can't wait 'til next week for the drawing!!!!!! Once again...beautiful cases you have!
  20. br8knrun52

    I want to give away two of my new cases.

    Great looking cases!!! Like Ronoh would be an honor to get a hand on one of your cases. Rob