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    Best table...

    What is your budget?
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    Corey Duel's sleeve device

    Do you recommend using the front or back?
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    Corey Duel's sleeve device

    Does anyone else use this? Am watching him on US open banks.
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    Sponsor shirt stickeys

    Do some manufactureres wait until players are in contention and then offer $$$ to past them on their shirts? How much?? Thanks!!
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    Samsara Butt - preowned

    Send info to Thanks ...
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    Samsara Limited Series E6-6

    Any pool related items left?
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    Sold Joint Protectors

    Would love to have some Predator Uniloc sets.
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    Forearm on table by many pros

    Perhaps this has been addressed. I've tried it ... has helped me. Ideas most welcomed. Thanks ... johno
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    Ralph Eckert Structure Series

    Got the book … drills are good, but pics don’t show the tip/hit position on cue ball like other training manuals do Guess by now I should be able to figure it out 😱
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    Ralph Eckert Structure Series

    Just got the book .. thx. Am going to invest the time in reviewing the learning series.
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    Efren’s cue - the blue wrap

    Am presuming he’s waiting for his next cue sponsor? Can only imagine how many different ones he’s had over the years!
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    Ralph Eckert Structure Series

    Where can I find book?
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    Derby City 2024 YouTube Channel Coverage

    How to find results from yesterday's matches?? Thanks ..
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    Accessing poolactiontv .. how do I communicate with Ray Hanson and team regarding my inability log in ... help please!! john_o

    How do I communicate with Ray Hanson and team regarding my inability to log into the site ... help please.
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    With uniloc joint for predator shaft
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    Big TRUCK • Ray Hansen •

    Ray, If you read this, I am having difficulty signing in to your site .. thx
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    WTB - Sansara butt with uniloc joint

    Send note to ... thank you.
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    Sansara butt

    Am on the hunt ...
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    Samsara Cue w/2 shafts

    Wow ... wish I could afford! Always wanted one ... have a few Predators .. they are OK. What was original price? What type of joint?