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    asian billiards

    Is it? I don't know how to call this kind of game. In my country, sometime people still play it. There are some figurines in the table, each figurine has a number of points, and you will get these point when you knock them over after making a legal hit. There are some more bigger figurine...
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    Ebook on Carom?

    I usually play ball to ball than 3 cushion. My problem is that I am very bad at cushion shot, especially one cushion shot. I play by feeling and usually...miss :D . I know (just know not master) the diamond system but I think it is too complicated for ball to ball game. Can you tell me how to...
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    Ebook on Carom?

    I usually play carom than snooker. I had spent many time on looking ebook on Carom but cannot find anyone. I come from VietNam, so I cannot recieve book by shipping. Anyone knows some ebooks on Carom please tell me. Thank you.