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    Joe Porper Cue

    Looks like a Schon - thats a great looking cue!
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    Need help changing weight on Schon cue

    I have a STL9 I purchased around 2003. The cue currently weights around 20oz I want to change the weight of the cue. I watched the video Schon provides and removed the bumper cap and see the weight bolt. I confirmed that a magnet did stick to the bolt, so it is steel. I tried to loosen this...
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    Production Cue you Swear By.....

    thank you for the links! MSP-7 looks sweet
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    Production Cue you Swear By.....

    wow, i see lots of love for mezz. are schon cues not what they used to be? can anyone recommend a mezz that is more of a sneaky pete look, but high end line? i am not looking for bling, just want top of the line quality thanks!
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    Pool table room temperatures

    I recently purchased a table. I put it in an upstairs 'man cave.' The room is 20'x20'. It is the only room upstairs. Prior to getting my table I would keep the AC dial up high (like 90 degrees) to help with electric costs because I only used the room for storage. Now that I have my table up...
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    Case repair

    Would this type of repair be considered 'Under Warranty' by any of the custom case makers? Like JBCases, Chuck Fields, Jack Justis, etc etc ?
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    I have bought from ozone and seyberts. Ozone processed and shipped faster than seyberts. Both have free shipping on orders 50 bucks and up. Ozone has online help which is nice. Also, if you have to return anything to seyberts count on waiting the full 10 business days for them to get...
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    Who is your Favorite player, in any cue sport

    Efren Reyes, because hes amazing and seems like a really nice guy :smile: Of course Mosconi, because, in my opinion, was the best to play the game.
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    Pool School Dallas, Texas with Randy G

    Is Randy still having classes? seems to be under construction. thanks!
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    JB cases - so good, I had to get another one!

    lets see some pics!
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    Does the Simonis X-1 really work?

    All the reviews I have read have been good, just wondering what you guys think of this cloth cleaner? Is it worth the $$ ? thanks!
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    American Made Cases

    Isn't Instroke made in Taiwan ?
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    2nd JJustis

    Nice case! Can you take a couple pics of the insides? Pockets and main area?
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    Please help me find a case

    Well, I purchased a beautiful, custom made Chuck Fields case. I can't wait to get it! Thanks Chuck :thumbup:
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    Please help me find a case

    Thank you all for the great suggestions, the Chuck Fields cases are exactly what I am looking for
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    Please help me find a case

    I might just get the instroke buffalo. That's a good case too right? I have never owned an instroke case. I've looked at them, the leather just seems thin. thanks for any input! :)
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    Please help me find a case

    Hello! Can someone help me find a case? I am looking for: 3 butts, 5 shafts All leather Nice size pockets Top handle Shoulder Strap Made in USA I really like the look of the Instroke Buffalo case. I do not want a lot of fancy tooling work, just something simple, clean, well made that will...
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    Split in cross-member

    Thanks for your reply :) It does look like it left the factory that way. It doesn't look like it was painted or stained.
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    Split in cross-member

    Thank you for the great advice!
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    Split in cross-member

    Thank you for the reply Rob. I purchased this table used. The split is not the whole length of the cross-member. It stops about 7 inches before getting all the way across. The pic is taken in the middle area of the table where the largest of the separation is. Thanks!