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  1. AccurateVin

    Player's Room in Miami

    Stix in Stuart has 8 Gold Crowns. Free pool all day on Sundays and from 4–7pm with 2 drink purchase.
  2. AccurateVin

    Sale: aramith tournament ball set

    How are they holding up? Do you think they will last anywhere close to the 40 year estimated life that they suggest?
  3. AccurateVin

    New Here? - Introduce Yourself

    My name is Vince from Stuart, Florida. I'm in my late 30s and am just getting back in the game after not playing since I was a teen. I'm jumping head first back into the game. I just picked up a Brunswick Gold Crown III and have a set of Aramith Tournament balls coming.
  4. AccurateVin

    Sale: aramith tournament ball set

    This deal is available again. I've tracked it the last month or so and it finally came back in stock and at a discounted price yesterday. Thanks OP for finding this. I can't wait to receive my set.